AdWords – Successfull Campaigns

Why AdWords campaigns? Advertisement in Google search engine using sponsored links aside from SEO, is one of the most popular methods of online advertising – it gives results quickly, it has a wide reach, it is effective and it can precisely set the ad targeting criteria. AdWords campaigns are perfect completion to SEO activities.
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Thanks to properly prepared AdWords campaigns we are able to gain attention of the customers as soon as the campaign has started. In case of AdWords campaign we try to precisely set the search engine inquiries that turn on the ad, which geographical location should be encompassed by such ad (shows up for a given region or a city) and what sub page it directs to.

With a such prepared campaign we are able to gain a high quality web traffic, which in turn means profit – the ad is targeted at desired users who search for services, products and information your company can offer.

Additionally, the costs of PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns are only added for clicks on your ads, which means that you only pay for potential customers who have already visited your page.

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What does conducting AdWords campaign include?

  • Research and choice of proper keywords – suiting your goals – which generate valuable traffic that means better conversion
  • Configuring AdWords account and applying Google Analytics tools
  • Research and upgrade of the landing page – your website will fulfil its purpose better
  • Creating the campaign and the adds, starting up the campaign
  • Monitoring the budget and effectiveness of the campaign
  • Optimising the campaign and further modifications to increase the effectiveness and decrease the advertising costs

While the campaign runs, we make sure that every element serves its purpose – in AdWords campaigns profit and acquiring new customers – not the number of clicks and views – are the main goals. The campaign should return as much investment as possible and fulfil set goals.

What are the main advantages of AdWords campaigns in search network and how does the PPC model ad works?

  • Range – we reach everyone
    More than 89% use Google to find websites and companies offering products and services. Consequently, using AdWords means that we reach almost all internet users. In the UK Google has no competition – if someone searches for your services and products, they will find your company in Google.
  • Context advertisement – ad directed at the customer
    Website ad shows up in advertisement boxes next to the natural search results only for phrases specified by us. The ad is not directed at random people, but only at the customers who are already interested in your offer. Furthermore, complete control over the ad’s content for chosen keywords makes it suit the search results better – it is much more precise than in case of more organic results. The internet user clicks on the result that fulfils the criteria of their inquiry best.
  • Full budget control
    Budget is estimated dynamically – you can change it any time. Complete control over daily and monthly budget allows you to quickly modify your expenses and invest only in the most profitable ads. We can see the effects very quickly – first results can be observed after first 24 hours of the campaign run.
  • Measuring the effectiveness and rich statistics
    By connecting the data from Google Analytics with AdWords we can see how customers behave on your page, from the click on the advertisement to buying a product – which group of ads generates the most profit and where are the weakest points on the customer’s browsing path.
    Statistics are not just numbers to us – they can tell us a lot about your customers and your website – what should be improved to be more effective. We do not keep this knowledge to ourselves, we share this information with you and cooperate to make the results even better.
  • Quick results – a great help for long term SEO
    In case of AdWords campaigns, our advertisements in search engines are active after 24 hours since campaign start-up. When it comes to long-term SEO activities, you have to wait much longer for the visibility in competitive phrases. Additionally, ad can direct to precisely prepared landing pages, which don’t have to be seen in natural search results, but fulfil their purpose efficiently.
  • What are AdWords restrictions?
    There are some restrictions regarding the content of websites and specific markets in which Google prohibits advertising. The competitiveness of the phrases is the most important requirement.

    In case of less competitive phrases, Google doesn’t show ads or it is possible to show them only for more general phrases – which means less valuable traffic. In such situation, traditional SEO activities are more effective.
    When we prepare AdWords campaign, we should specify a group of phrases which will direct to our ad, which often restricts the ad from natural search results – which can generate traffic from very specific inquiries due to matching page content. More complex phrases cannot be found (or cannot be used) in AdWords because of their low inquiries number and low competitiveness.


  • How does PPC differ from CPC?

    PPC is a general term for ads for which we have to pay only if they’re clicked and direct the internet user to the site. CPC (Cost Per Click) is a cost of clicking on the ad. CPC is one of the main factors taken into the account during the AdWords campaign – it determines the cost of such campaign.

  • What is CTR?

    CTR (Click Through Rate) is advertisement click ratio – a percentage of clicks per ad views. High CTR signifies a huge interest in our advertisement. It is a very important indicator and the first element of successful marketing activities.

  • What determines the cost of a click?

    Costs of click differ. There are few factors that determine them.

    • Max CPC that Your competitors are willing to pay for their ads.
    • Ad positon and search results page – if we want to show our ad higher and on the first page of search results, we should set appropriate rates. First results page has the most views and the highest ad positions have additional extensions that can attract customers and in turn provide higher CTR
    • Quality score – every single phrase (content of the ad and the page it directs to is evaluated) has a quality score from 1 to 10. Better ranks put the ad on higher positions for much lower cost.

    All of the above factors are connected and set the click price. When we choose the position of our ad, we also receive the quality rank (which can change and get better if our ad has an appropriate CTR.)

  • What is the AdWords campaign optimization?

    Campaign optimization is a set of actions which are aimed to effectively use the budget and create as best results as possible. Optimization should be performed cyclically, based on information and data gathered from the existing campaign.

  • Is the optimization necessary?

    Experience in AdWords campaigns makes it possible to avoid mistakes and adverse actions from the very beginning. But every target group, every market and every website is very specific – that’s why you should constantly monitor the solutions which provide the best effects. Furthermore, the competition doesn’t sleep and changes its activities – it should be also taken into account, as it determines the looks of the advertisements and price rates.

  • What are the elements of campaign optimization?
    • Phrase modification – adding or removing given phrases or matching methods, focusing on costs and effectiveness
    • Ad content modification – restricting the content to the most effective essence which provides more CTR and better conversion
    • Landing page changes – modifying ad links that direct to landing pages to provide more effectiveness
    • Rates change – for some advertisements increasing price rates can assure success. Likewise, for some ads decreasing the price rate can provide better effects by reducing the expenses.

    These are only basic elements subjected to optimisation during campaign – there are many smaller elements which can be modified and that influence AdWords cost and quality of website traffic.

  • When to invest in AdWords?

    In general, it is recommended to purchase paid links, when your products or services cost over a hundred dollars. However, one should take into account that in some cases, a single click on your ad could draw a potential customer for cheaper products and services. A customer who repeatedly takes advantage of the offer reaching less than £20 is equally as much a valuable customer, as the one that purchases products for higher prices.

  • How to calculate the cost-effectiveness of your AdWords campaign?

    The determinant of the profitability of your AdWords campaign is ROI. It is calculated based on the income earned by the cost of the campaign that carries it out.

  • ROI

    ROI% = (Revenue – (making cost + ad cost) / (making cost + ad cost)

    A score of zero means that the total cost of advertising is paid off. Score of 25% means that everything has been paid off, and we obtained 25% of the additional revenue. 50 % means that we gained over half of the revenue that has been spent on the ad in the first place.

    When the ROI% goes negative, then we know that the campaign is ineffective – not only it doesn’t bring any profit, it also loses out money.