AdWords Campaign Optimisation

Optimisation is one of the most important activities which allows for increasing ads clicks, decreasing costs, creating more conversions – shortly speaking to make the campaign more effective and profitable.

Comprehensive AdWords campaign optimisation involves all the stages of customer browsing path – from entering the phrase in Google search engine to specific behaviour on the advertiser’s website.

Thanks to information and statistics from the running campaign we can improve the following elements:

  • Keywords modification – a lot of important information is seen from first clicks – we can limit the phrases to more effective, exclude some phrases – leaving some freedom to users but within a given scope.
  • Setting schedule for ads display – to choose period when customers buy the most.
  • Ads content modification with taking into account quality score and CTR – better suited ads mean better click and quality score – and therefore cheaper clicks.
  • Changing rates – for some ads it is worth to increase rates – higher rate means quality clicks, sometimes decrease of rates allows to keep the traffic on a similar level while saving on budget.
  • Changing ads direction – for certain phrases and services/products the best is main page for others dedicated sub page with precise information.
  • Ad groups and product display modification – investing in visibility of ads best at selling given products or services.