AdWords Campaign Optimisation

A correct, and well executed optimisation of the AdWords campaign is one of the most important exercises during the process. It allows for a rapid increase in ad clicks, consequently decreasing our overall costs, and creating more revenue and conversions. Briefly speaking, optimisation makes the campaign more effective and profitable, bringing satisfaction for you and success to your business.

A complex AdWords campaign optimisation encompasses all of the elements of the AdWords scheme. This means that all stages of customer’s browsing path are monitored and strategically optimised. In other words, we optimise everything along the customer’s online search journey – from the customer entering a specific phrase in Google, all the way to their behaviour on the advertiser’s website. It’s all covered, and our intentions are simple. We want to make every stage of that journey as pleasant and as engaging as possible, something that a well executed optimisation allows us to do.

Thanks to the information and statistics that we gather throughout the run of the campaign, we are able to improve the following elements:

  • Keywords Modification – We receive a lot of valuable information even after a few first ad clicks – this means we get insight into what works and what doesn’t. So, we can limit the phrases, exclude some phrases, alter them or modify them completely in order to produce the most effective solutions. There’s some freedom left for internet users but it’s all set within our framework.
  • Setting Schedule for Ads Display – We use the date gathered to adjust the display time of our ads, coordinating them appropriately with the time and period when online customers are the most active, and most likely to make a purchase.
  • Modification of Ad Content (Taking into Account Their Quality Score and CTR) – Ads that are suited better for the specific public (and offer more appeal), prove to have a greater click-count and quality score – this results in cheaper clicks.
  • Changing Rates – Each campaign is different. When it comes to some ads, it is worth to increase their rates i.e. higher investment results in better quality clicks. Sometimes a decrease of rates allows the same or similar level of traffic. Such trialling and occasional readjustment is very useful, as it can save a lot of our budget that could be potentially invested into other ads or keywords.
  • Adapting the Direction for the Ads – For certain service/product ads generated by keywords/phrases it’ll be best to set the website’s home-page as the main landing page. For other ads, perhaps a dedicated sub-page (outlining the precise info for products/services) will be a better solution. It all depends on the type of your business and products/services you offer. Other factors could impact this decision, such as the format of your website or webstore.
  • Modifying Ad Groups and Exposition of Specific Products – Investing in visibility of ads that are most efficient when it comes to selling given products or services.