How Do We Run Our AdWords Campaigns?

Each campaign that we undertake consists of multiple activity-stages and a customised strategy implemented for individual websites.

  • We research the phrases and keywords that internet users enter in Google when searching for specific products and services. On that basis, we choose and apply the keywords/phrases that are most suitable and profitable for you, and exclude the ones which may limit or decrease the effectiveness of the overall campaign.
  • We create an individual strategy for your website. This means that we take into account your budget, your goals and requirements. But above all, we optimise the campaign to complement your business, and successfully entice your target audience.
  • Our team checks and reviews which sub-pages on your website are the most suitable as landing-pages from directed ads. I.e. they examine whether they are easy to use, provide enough encouraging content, and whether they prompt the customers to perform a given action (e.g. make a purchase). If there are any elements on those sub-pages which potentially hinder the primary goals, then the pages are either left alone or are specially modified to satisfy the compulsory criteria.
  • We connect or configure the tools which record the statistics and relevant data. This allows us to analyse such information and based on that create alterations to our campaign that will produce even more compelling results.
  • Our company sets precise campaign goals, and each month you’ll receive a report which will outline the goals and achievements that have been met.
  • The campaigns are configured by us entirely, from start to finish. Our team creates the ads, set the rates and tries to surpass all customer requirements. We always look for new options, innovations and creative alternatives.
  • We consistently monitor the campaign, the budget that is available, the investment costs and revenue that was earned. But most of all we judge the effectiveness of our own actions and activities – over many years we’ve built our framework on the errors and successes we’ve made, and learning from these experiences allowed us to adopt solutions that achieve the best possible results.
  • We optimise campaigns and listen to your opinions and feedback. Our cooperation doesn’t end as soon as we’ve shook our hands, so if you wish, you can always be a part of the optimisation process. Your perception is vital, and we’ll always try to implement your suggestions, concepts, visions and special requirements.

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding the AdWords campaign, and the possibilities we can offer for you and your website. Our team has a creative and open mindset, so we’ll always effectively respond to all inquires, recommending the most favourable and suitable solutions.