AdWords Training

Nowadays, everyone who searches for something on the internet uses Google. And you cannot let that person find your competition first – it’s vital that your result catches their eye first. But how should you do it? The answer is simple: using the Google AdWords advertising system! All entrepreneurs should know about it, even if they do not opt to run the campaign themselves.

But no matter if you want to set up your AdWords account settings yourself and run a campaign, or simply coordinate the agency’s activities for these purposes, you must nonetheless have at least a basic knowledge regarding the Google ad system. And you can easily gain it thanks to our training.

Thanks to us, you will learn how to avoid all errors and unfavourable solutions from the very start of your adventures with AdWords. You will learn the basics of Google AdWords and SEM ads, getting familiar with all opportunities that are offered by these program services.

You will also learn to:

  • Set up and configure an AdWords account – you will learn everything about the organisation and structure of SEM campaigns within your AdWords account,
  • Connect analytical tools,
  • Choose key words/phrases that best suit your business goals,
  • Create effective, distinctive and enticing advertising content,
  • Create and run advertising campaigns,
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the campaign,
  • Monitor the budget and modify expenses,
  • Optimise the ongoing campaign – you will learn how to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

You will also gain insight on:

  • What determines the cost of a click,
  • How fees are calculated,
  • How to bid rates – you will comprehend the sales model,
  • How to research keywords – you will learn tools and methods of building key phrases,
  • How to target the advertising for interested users,
  • How to analyse the actions of competitors,
  • What advertising formats Google AdWords offers
  • How to improve the effectiveness of marketing activities carried out on the Internet.

Google’s advertising network has many options. It’s not just a search ad. Thanks to us, you can find out where else you can advertise, and you will learn about other types of ads on the Google network. But above all, thanks to our support you will quickly notice the positive effects of the campaigns, in the form of increased interest in your website and your products/services.