Content Marketing

Good content is a very efficient tool – used wisely it helps in building trust in brand, promotion in Google and as a result increase in sales. There is nothing more powerful in encouraging to shop as an effectively an interestingly created … story.

Good story is a start!

Content marketing is about creating good stories around the company or specific product. Potential customers seek valuable and helpful texts on your website and blog. Users want to know why they should choose your product. Users don’t want dry and uninteresting technical descriptions. Content marketing is to give users unique and substantial materials, which will draw attention and influence shopping decisions of the customers. It means increased profit and … something more.

What do you gain when introducing content marketing in your strategy?

Each company is set on generating profits. It’s completely understandable and natural. But content marketing can give you more. Buying customer is good. But returning customer who comes with a bunch of friends is even better! If apart from quality service you offer them helpful and practical article you can gain trust and build positive associations with your company.

What can we do for you?

Mapi Media employs copywriters who write texts based on the most efficient techniques of content marketing. We write in Polish and English – because our clients run their businesses in different parts of the world. We tell positive stories, create useful content adjusted to online users.

We write

Marketing texts

SEO texts

Business related texts


Advertisement texts

You have your own materials or write your own texts but feel they need creative editing or proofreading? We modify them to build your brand image, reach your customers and increase your website traffic.