Content Marketing

Good content on a website, a blog or social media page proves to be very useful. Used and created wisely, it will help to build your brand/business trust; show Google and online users that you are an active, involved company/individual who are willing to share their promotive ideas via informative text.

Just think of it this way . . . a blank Main Menu, and lack of existing sub-pages may be construed as untrustworthy or suspicious. Sparse information, after all, grants the reader/customer very little knowledge about you, your business, services etc. Whereas a website brimming with rich, skilfully-written content will be instantly deemed as reliable – a website which can be explored with utmost pleasure; browsed with satisfaction, because every corner of the webpage includes pivotal details or advice.

But above all, good content will result in successful promotion of your website on Google, and as a result increase your sales, views or readership. Whatever it is you’re after, enticing, coherent and organic content will equal to an increased traffic on your website.

Over hundreds of years now, humans have learnt to absorb knowledge primarily by reading – diagrams, images and visual elements are vital, but may not suffice to reflect all your agendas or business notions. Text is authentic and confirmative. It briefly clarifies what your business is about.

There is nothing more powerful and effective on a website than a well-shaped & grounded textual story which encourages your visitor to shop, engage or learn further.

A prime quality story = excellent start!

Content marketing is essentially the process of creating textual content for your website. Anything from product descriptions, blog posts & fundamental webpage texts (e.g. About Us, Our Services) to more trivial aspects such as the Contact Us page. Content marketing aims to grant your website a vivid story, vibrant background and ongoing life.

Potential customers constantly seek valuable and helpful texts on your website and/or blog. Users desire to stumble across something which will persuade them to elect your product/service over that of the competition. They need that push which will encourage them to come back. Dry, bland and uninteresting technical descriptions will fail instantly. Likewise, self-explanatory texts or blogs, which bring nothing new to the picture.

Thanks to professional content marketing, you will finally provide the users a reason to stay. Unique and substantial content will draw and encapsulate the attention of many; influence shopping decision; get them to reach out for your email or phone number. The worst thing to discover as a website owner is that visitors enter your website, and leave immediately, without engaging, browsing or making further progress.

What do you gain when content marketing is introduced in your promotional strategy?

Each company’s goal is to generate as much profit as possible. Keep the customer, nudge him to make a purchase. This is a natural system. Content marketing allows just that. It not only helps to keep your customer on the website, it retains his/her interest & refrains him/her from exiting. The visitor gladly skips from one webpage to another, finally ending up in your products section and eventually in your basket. Not only that, thanks to the appealing and fulfilling content, the customer is willing to come back in future, and perhaps even spread a good word to friends or family.

One thing is vital: apart from an outstanding service, you ought to offer your customers helpful and practical articles, allowing them to easily absorb the insight. Loose themselves within the information. Raise an eyebrow, or two.

What can we do for you?

Mapi Media employs professional copywriters who create, write or edit vast textual content for your website, based on the most efficient and effective analytical techniques. The content is never random nor copied, but well-researched and generated from scratch. That’s because our team is composed of intelligent, ambitious and linguistically talented writers, who are filled with abundance of aspiration and creativity.

What’s more, each text they create agrees with SEO rules and Google’s requirements. Therefore it’s not just the visitors who will be positively impressed, but also Google’s bots which ultimately decide whether your website is worthy to take place in Google’s Top 10 for a given keyword . . .

Our copywriters are willing to write all kinds of Polish and English texts. They also translate written content. So, if, for example, your business is based in Poland and you are planning to expand into the European market, we’ll happily translate your entire website to English, enriching and developing the content if such need arises; appropriately adapting it for the English-speaking audiences.

Likewise, if you already have your written materials prepared, but you are concerned that they need creative and technical editing or a simple proofread, then get in touch with us. Our team of special copywriters are experts at such tasks as well. They will assure your pre-written texts are polished to perfection and match the contemporary online-writing criteria.

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