Facebook Training

Many entrepreneurs often assume that handling a fanpage is an easy and simple task, but they soon realise that a successful operation of a fanpage actually requires a lot of knowledge and skills.

Facebook continuously introduces new changes, updates the algorithms, adds new features and tools. At present, it makes heavy cuts on organic ranges, therefore it’s getting more and more difficult to achieve any substantial effects – especially when a given person does not bear any significant knowledge on the advertising system, struggles to specify the target audience and create interesting posts.

We offer specialised training, during which everyone will gain the knowledge that’s necessary to independently and effectively conduct activities on Facebook, or to control the actions of the agency that performs these activities.

With us you will gain insight on:

  • Ways to create Facebook Ads campaigns,
  • General rules regarding the running of a fanpage,
  • The capabilities of the Facebook advertising system – you will learn how to use the Ad Manager effectively
  • Rules regarding acceptable and enticing advertising posts,
  • Available advertising formats – you will learn how to choose them correctly.

During our cooperation, you will learn to:

  • Prepare a company communication strategy on Facebook,
  • Define the group of recipients, target audiences and advertising goals,
  • Prepare and run advertising campaigns that will interest both the fans and the people potentially interested in the content you publish,
  • Prepare various strategies, develop new innovations, and model the outline of a specific business – these are difficult stages that determine the success of the entire campaign,
  • Choose a budget,
  • Analyse the actions of the competitors,
  • Draw conclusions during and after the completion of an advertising campaign – you will also learn how to interpret the results.

In addition, you will receive notes, tools and useful links from us, thanks to which you will gain permanent access to vast materials in the form of text and video. Certainly, with time, you will gradually reach out to them less and less.

We have been dealing with fanpages for a long time. Thus far we’ve worked with small, medium and large businesses. We have repeatedly tested the capabilities of the Facebook advertising system, as well as the available tools. Finally, years of professional experience allowed us to comprehensively understand what to do in order to effectively, and successfully run a fanpage.