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§ 1. Definitions.

1. The owner of MAPI MEDIA LTD is based in Cassidy Court, Kansas Avenue, Salford, Manchester M50 2GE United Kingdom, entered in the register of companies at Companies House – Number: 8573611
2. User – You are a visitor.
3. The offer – is a proposal posted by the owner of the site.
4. Personal information– is information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, e.g .name, address, telephone number, date of birth, bank account details, IP address.
§ 2.The provisions of general.

1. Operator of this website is the owner .
2. Through the Pages owner provides the following services :
• provides information about the products offered by MAPI MEDIA LTD on the Site,
• enables on-line measurement of our products through the user account,
• enables its customers to receive commercial information and it provides.
3. User is obliged to use the website in accordance with these Rules Website, applicable law, the general principles of using the Internet and the objectives of the establishment parties in particular in a way that does not violate any third party rights and the rights of the owner.
4. Entrance to this website constitutes acceptance of the binding nature of this legal notice . User does not agree to be bound by the provisions of this information is asked to not use this website .
5. In the event that the User violates the point 3 or permitted activities described in point 3, the owner has the right to take any action leading to compensation for the loss due to the damage.
6. The owner asked to take note of its privacy policy, which will allow for a better understanding of its practices in the field of privacy protection .

§ 3. Responsibility for the content.

1. The owner is responsible only for their own content on the page.
2. The information provided by the owner on the website are constantly updated and compiled with care , but the owner does not warrant the accuracy, timeliness, completeness or continued availability of this page.
3. The owner shall provide binding information, advice, recommendations or explanations only within the communication equipment.
4. The owner reserves the right to change the Internet offer its additions, deletions, or total withdrawal. There also ensures that the content of the internet are suitable for you and your goals.
5. On page can be placed links to third party web addresses where the content owner does not have any effect. For content that is under link addresses the sole responsibility of the operator.
6. The owner asks for his immediate notification if the user by using the links provided on the page, will the addresses whose content you seem doubtful. The removal of this kind of links will begin immediately after being informed of a breach of the law by the content of linked addresses. This declaration applies to all links on the page owner.

§ 4. Scope of the offer.

1. Offer Website owner is for the area of the United Kingdom and has been prepared on the basis of British law.
2. The owner does not accept any responsibility for, or offer site is suitable for users in other countries there is no appropriate and legally permissible.

§ 5. Copyright.

1. Page Content , including its content, form and structure is protected by UK and international copyright laws. The rights to all materials posted on the site are reserved for the owner or the companies and persons entitled (e.g., partners, customers ).
2. No part of the Site (including texts, documents , files , layouts , graphics) may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic or mechanical), including copying, printing, photocopying, recording on tape, floppy discs, CV / DVD or using other systems and means, without the consent of the owner, unless the regulations provide otherwise.
3. Downloading and copying of content on the page is only permitted for private, non-commercial use, unless in a particular case otherwise specified. Setting the hyperlinks on the page, especially deep links, inline -links or the links in the Frame technology, is permitted only with prior written consent of the owner.
4. Violation of license and copyright by you resulting legal liability as set out in particular in the provisions of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights .

§ 6. Technical tips.
1. The use of the services provided through the Site requires the use of technically efficient devices enabling connection to the Internet, access to the Internet and to meet the following minimum technical requirements for the computer system used by you:
• Any web browser on a device with Internet access such as Opera, Firefox, Chrome, etc. ;
• Website is optimized for screen resolution of the device;
• Enabled secure data transmission protocol (SSL or TLS ) ; some features of the Website may require the use of cookies, JavaScript or Flash ;
• In some cases it may be required also use HTTPS ;
• Minimum resolution: 1280 x 800 , the recommended resolution: 1920 x 1080
2. The owner reserves the right to change the technical way of providing services by electronic means – but such changes will not affect the rights and obligations of users or negative impact on the quality of services provided by him .
3. The owner pays particular attention to the use of electronic services involves certain risks. For example, in terms of the following risks : the possibility of receiving spam, the possibility of exposure to harmful and unwanted spyware, malware (including wabbit, troja, backdoor exploits, rootkits, keyloggers, dialer, hoax ), viruses, the possibility of exposure to the so-called. Cracking and phishing (obtaining confidential information) and so-called. Sniffing ( capturing confidential information), risks associated with the so-called . piracy , the possibility of exposure to illegal software, exposure to the so-called activities, cryptanalysis . The owner is constantly taking steps to minimize those risks for you. Apply protect servers, connections and Web Site – however, it is not possible to completely eliminate these risks.
4. Using different browsers and personalized software settings may cause differences in the display of content.
5. With digital data processing errors may occur .
§ 7. Final Provisions.
1. The owner makes every effort to ensure the proper functioning of the site, however, no guarantee that the website will operate without failure or disruption.
2. In case of any objection to the business site, you may report it to the owner by sending an e-mail to the following address:
3. The owner reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. Current rules will be posted on the site.


Privacy Policy

Service Provider MAPI MEDIA LTD has for its Users great respect and attaches great importance to their rights, with particular regard to the right to privacy. The trust of our customers is our highest priority, therefore, regarding users of our site we collect the minimum information to help us better understand their needs and constantly adapt the site, its functionality and ergonomics to the ever changing expectations. Among other things, in this order to collect and process the necessary data, including personal information of users. In order to accurately explain the principles and mechanisms used in the collection and processing of your data we have created this Privacy Policy.
Using in any way from our website Dear User accept the principles contained in this Privacy Policy.

Data collected automatically:
During your visit to the Site automatically collects data about your visit, such as your IP address, domain name, browser type, operating system type, etc. These data are not personal data and does not allow for the unequivocal identification of your person.

1. Administrator of personal data of users who are natural persons is a company MAPI MEDIA LTD based in Cassidy Court, Kansas Avenue, Salford , Manchester M50 2GE United Kingdom , entered into the register of companies at Companies House – Number: 8573611 ( hereinafter referred to as “Operator” ) .
2. Users personal data are processed by the Operator in accordance with the laws of the British.
3. Service Users personal data may be disclosed to entities authorized to receive them under applicable law , including the relevant judicial authorities . Users’ personal data may also be disclosed to third parties , as indicated by the Operator , including entities carrying out activities on behalf of the Operator relating to the User implemented by the Operator in the Service of any services .
4. All information taken from are used solely for the performance of the contract . The operator does not sell or distribute the information obtained from the Members service to anyone.
Users personal data are protected by the Operator from access by unauthorized persons, as well as other cases of disclosure or loss and against destruction or unauthorized modification of data and information identified by the use of appropriate organizational security and the security of a technical and programming in particular encryption systems.