What’s the Cost of SEO and Keyword Choice?

How much does SEO cost?

The cost of SEO is one of the primary questions that comes to our mind when we plan to go along with website optimisation. There is a lot of websites and online articles which discuss general SEO cost, but there are in fact very few places online where you’ll instantly be able to discover specific and precise prices. This is because SEO costs vary significantly, and is very personally-oriented. It all depends on numerous factors, e.g. how your website is currently optimised, where it stands in the rankings etc.

But above all, the main factors which will determine the cost of SEO are the keyword phrases and their competitiveness. In other words, it is fairly logical that optimisation for a singular, and general keyword like ‘tires’ will be much more expensive than something more specific e.g. the phrase ‘winter vehicle tires London’. This is because specification and precision of the keyword phrases narrow down the competition on the online market. If one desires for their tire business to get promoted online for a singular, vague word ‘tire’, then an SEO company will essentially be faced with the struggle of competitive broadness. This means facing online tire-related competition from all over the country. The optimisation instantly, then, becomes national and even global instead of local and particular.

Try it for yourself. Type in Google something like ‘tires’ vs. ‘winter vehicle tires London’ and discover the Google website results (found just below the search bar) for each keyword phrase. The difference between competitive website results will be immense. So it is entirely up to you whether you want to pay more for online promotion of short/general keywords or less for longer/precise phrases relating to your business.

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