Web Applications Programming

There are many ways to make a website even more attractive and draw customers. The best solutions are those that, in addition to attracting new customers, also allow to be a helpful tool when it comes to product sales.

Mapi Media creates advanced web applications for our clients. Our solutions have brought many businesses a significant increase in the overall interest in their offers – thus an increase of transactions. The web applications we make are easy to use by an average user, at the same time they can shorten the time it takes for the customers to contact the company.

It does not matter whether you run a niche business, or you are selling goods and services for which there is high demand – you can always increase the profit of the company and significantly simplify all procedures.

We can build a page in each possible programming language.. We have extensive experience in writing advanced php, as well as asp.net. This allows us to adapt our offer to client’s requirements. If the clients want to have good websites, but do not want to spend their budget on server maintenance, we will offer php. Combined with MySQL, it is an excellent advertising or working tool for a store or website. If you are a technology-oriented client, we will design the page using the latest Microsoft tech. Thanks to MSSQLServer, your information will be well protected from outside attacks and will keep your site safe and reliable.

We create unique web applications having database servers based on Linux or Windows. They allow internet users to submit a detailed order or a self preparation of the quotation of the specific product. The order travels straight to your email inbox ready for implementation. Check out how simple it is.

Feel free to contact us, and ask about our previously implemented applications. If you have an idea for applications that will suit your website and business – we will process it. If you are looking for interesting solutions for your business – also contact us. We will find the perfect solution for you and your customers, so you can enjoy your growing company.