Mapi Media Interactive Agency

Mapi Media Digital Marketing Agency was first established in 2012 as a small company offering merely SEO and SEM services.With the rapid technology advancement, growing use of mobile websites and social media channels, we were encouraged to expand our digital offers even more. This trend was followed by many other SEO agencies, and the spectrum of responsibilities in the field of website hosting is continuously expanding. Over the years of being active in the field of SEO, we have gained experience in many areas of digital marketing, and our team is continuously growing. Mapi Media is currently offering all possible online-related services, from standard SEO all the way to website design, promotion and online marketing. Our company offers a multitude solutions that could effectively increase the visibility of your website online, and out team is willing to promote all clients that cooperate with us.

We work both with businesses and individual clients, recognisable brands and those that have only just began to emerge on the market. Each customer is important for us, and we try our best to provide the best services for all. We begin our job with a detailed analysis of competition on the online market, and then seek solutions which help our clients to leave the rivalry businesses behind. Thus all customers we work with quickly gain prominence and prestige in the designated search engines. We provide high quality services, and we keep in touch with our clients at all times. We guide them and support them with all doubts, but most of all we carry out all tasks necessary to keep a specific business active and successful.Our goals are real – Our team has completed multiple SEO-focused courses, the company as a whole received multiple certificates confirming our knowledge and experience in the field of website hosting. Our team has a creative spirit, and everyone is dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate about their work. We have multiple aims, but the main priority is to make our customers visible online, in return gaining them the consumers and online status they deserve. We desire for you to run your industry online effectively and productively, gaining you the prosperity you always needed.

Our services comprise of:

  • Website designing
  • Design and implementation of e-commerce sites for online shopping
  • Competition analysis
  • Creation of AdWords campaigns
  • Website optimisation (including website audit, SEO optimisation, link building, support websites)
  • Managing company blogs
  • Content marketing and copywriting, creating and publishing valuable content for all clients
  • Managing social media company profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)