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We are active across the following markets: PL, UK, USA, GE, RO

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Internet + marketing = Mapi Media

We are an interdisciplinary team composed of people with combined experience, unconventional thinking as well as honesty and diligence in many areas of internet marketing.

Among us reside some of the most seasoned marketers, SEO specialists, certified Google Ads specialists (formerly Google AdWords), programmers, graphic designers, copywriters.

We build our relationships with clients based on fundamental principles such as transparency, honesty and communication.

We don’t use crystal balls to predict the future, we do not waste our words or throw away meaningless advice, we undertake real challenges that we define with the help of projects, tasks, indicators and conversions.

We create and implement data-driven strategies. We measure and analyse. We verify and do not stand still.

We work for large corporations, as well as entrepreneurs from the SME sector.

Are you currently running a business?
We know what you are looking for, and what you need. We have it all:

  1. SEO
  2. Website optimisation
  3. Running Google Ads campaigns
  4. Running Facebook Ads campaigns
  5. Website audits
  6. Web analytics
  7. Analysis of the competition
  8. Content creation, editing and marketing
  9. WordPress - Websites
  10. Landing pages
  11. WooCommerce - Online Stores
  12. Design, visual identification

7 fruitful years

Mapi Media LTD interactive agency was established in 2012 as a relatively small, family company that initially provided only basic services in the field of website positioning and optimisation. At the start, the core Mapi Media team were tasked with development of an internal product intended to be sold on the British market for a business close to us. It was the experience gained during that process, on the extremely demanding British market, that gave rise to the ultimate decision to transform the small business into a full-fledged agency.

Therefore, we did not go via the typical route of starting as a company offering mere website construction, and whose portfolio of services expanded over time. From the outset, we focused on acquiring valuable traffic for our partners, i.e. we jumped into the deep end, indulging directly in the complex SEO and SEM activities.

The development of the latest technologies, the growing importance of mobile websites and social media channels, and a real rise of SEO agencies providing similar services, has encouraged us to expand the area of our business. Over the past 7 years, we have gained experience in many areas of internet marketing, and our team has constantly grown, developed and expanded.

Currently, Mapi Media offers a number of effective solutions, the application of which brings immeasurable benefits to your business. We guarantee a permanent and impactful presence of our clients' companies on the Internet. We offer exposure and business recognition.

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