Mapi Media Interactive Agency

Mapi Media Digital Marketing Agency was established in 2012, first as a small company offering SEO and SEM services.

Technology advancement, growing significance of mobile websites and social media channels, and emergence of SEO agencies offering similar services made us expand our digital activities. Over the years we have gained experience in many areas of digital marketing and our team has constantly grown.

Now Mapi Media offers a number of effective solutions for increasing visibility of our clients’ websites online.

We work with both business and individual clients, recognizable and emerging brands. Each work is important. We start with detailed analysis of competition activities and seek solutions, which can help our clients to leave competition behind. We provide high quality services and keep in touch with our clients at all times explaining their doubts and solving any problems.

Our goals are real – finished courses, certificates confirming our knowledge and experience over the few years of work combined with our team creativity allow us to think bold. Our goal is to help our clients to be visible online. We want you to safely, and more importantly, effectively run your business online.

Our offer includes:

  • website designing
  • designing and implementation of e-commerce sites for online shopping
  • competition analysis
  • creating AdWords campaigns
  • website optimisation (including website audit, SEO optimisation, link building, support websites)
  • managing company blogs
  • content marketing, creating valuable content for clients
  • managing social media company profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Mapi Media Team

Thomas Radwanski
Executive Manager
Johanna Brom
Social Media Specialist
Marius Kurylo
SEM Specialist
Matthew Biegun
SEO Specialist
Simon Halat
Web Developer
Justina Koczor
Adam Bozek
Front End Developer
Eve Drzewiecka
Magdalene Stanaszek
Graphic Designer
Matt Stanaszek