Search Engine Optimisation

Website search engine optimisation is one of the most important elements of modern digital marketing. Optimisation tasks performed by SEO specialists help a website to gain better visibility in Google search results when given keywords are entered. In other words, if a potential customer or business partner types in a keyword on Google (directly referring to your business, products, services etc.), then your website will be able to gain top spots on the first pages of Google, thanks to appropriately executed SEO work.

Nowadays, all businesses and individuals who own a company or wish for their work to stand out amongst the online competition, seek help from SEO marketing companies to help them gain the desired prominence. This is now considered as a standard procedure, and with the overload of competitive websites on the internet SEO is crucial for all businesses and organisations that make profit and prosper by attracting new customers.

Why should your website undergo regular SEO maintenance?

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Your website will appear to people who are looking specifically for your services. This makes the process of marketing focused, fast and efficient. Forget about advertising in the local newspapers or billboards, SEO will offer all the promotion you require.

About 95% of internet users use Google for research regarding companies and desired products, services etc. So the higher your website is positioned in the search engine, the quicker and more likely it will be that your target audience will reach you.

Search Engine Optimisation increases online visibility and sustains it. Steady and regular maintenance also increases the number of valuable keywords that will prompt the appearance of your website, making it constantly in sight for all those interested, benefitting your company in the long-run.

Natural Marketing
Search results in Google are not perceived by users as ordinary, disturbing adverts. So your prestigious website and all related links will entice and attract the consumer audience, instead of putting them off.

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Why cooperation with Mapi Media is the best choice?

By agreeing to use our services, our team will offer you:

Reliability and honesty
• We have clearly outlined model of cooperation, defined to you on day one.
• Our strategy is effective and efficient, and all progress is always presented to you on a monthly basis in a form a report.
• We produce client oriented contracts, ones without unfavourable provisions, contractual penalties or unnecessary contract binds.

• Our team is willing to adjust all activities and the overall budget range, as long as the services match your needs and requirements. After all, each business website should be approached with an adequate and unique SEO strategy to achieve the most success.
• We modify our scope of work and employ contemporary SEO techniques and methods to adapt to your specific business, in accordance with the current market trends.
• We are open to adjust or make changes to the work we’re carrying out. Remember that we can guide you through the decision-making process, suggesting compelling solutions, but it is your last word and approval which counts.

• Each month our clients receive a full report of our SEO process and the work advancement and development that has been made.
• We present a report of keyword phrases, website traffic and optimisation report.
• Our specialist contact you at least once a month to thoroughly discuss the provided reports and further outline the aims, plans and tactics for the future.

• Apart from SEO, all of our team collectively have many years of experience in the field of online marketing, copywriting, sponsoring links, website creation/design, graphic design, e-commerce store optimisation/creation etc.
• We are therefore able to provide you full services regarding your online presence, all the way from creating your website to writing its content and updating your online store/s.
• Our team members are always here to help. Simply reach out to us via phone or email and we’ll use our knowledge and skill to answer all your needs.

Search Engine Optimisation – what does this process involve?

SEO is an umbrella term which covers numerous actions – some of which must only be done once, yet others are recurrent and persistently carried out.

  • Audit and website optimisation – This involves website/online store analysis, i.e. checking whether they operate with accordance to Google’s regulations, structure, codes, content etc. Strictly speaking, we want a website to agree with as many Google’s current requirements as possible. Such elements are valuable for the Google search engine, and this co-agreement between the Google’s rules and a website will result in its higher positioning and ranking. The audit and optimisation process also involves introduction of necessary corrections with regards to selected keyword phrases.
  • Building of website-related links – This process involves continuous link building with your website. In other words, we create theme-associated links between trusted sites and your main website. We try to establish this network connection with links of good reputation and prestige, avoiding poor quality, spam-esque sites.
  • Content creation and development – One of the primary tasks associated with SEO is the creation of online written content, which is optimised for appropriate keywords. High quality online content that includes the relevant keywords helps to increase the website visibility on Google, when certain phrases are searched.
  • Analysis of keywords and website traffic – Those are some of the key activities associated with SEO. Such aspects must be consistently monitored through regular analysis, which allows us to understand if the undertaken SEO approaches are leading in the right, successful direction. After all, some websites may require different strategies, and unique SEO procedures. Keyword and website traffic analysis may precisely tell us what chosen methods allow a website to rise in the Google search rankings.
  • Persistent audit and verification of keywords – Appropriate choice of keywords and their standardised use is vital for enhancing a website’s online visibility. The investigation into their performance and importance allows us to comprehend where to focus our attention. Such insight determines which keywords require strict attention, and which are in need of modification.