Search Engine Optimisation

Website search engine optimisation is one of the most important elements of digital marketing. Optimisation helps to get better website visibility in Google search results for given keywords, that is inquiries of your prospective customers or business partners or other people that you direct your services, products and offers at.

Why do you need SEO?

pozycjonowanie stron internetowych - dlaczego warto?
Your ads show to people who are looking for a given service, company or product.

About 95% of users seek information abut companies and products in Google

Long term effect – optimisation increases visibility and maintains it, thus increasing also number of valuable keyword phrases at which your website shows.

Organic appearance
Google results are not perceived by users as ads.

Pozycjonowanie stron internetowych Bielsko by MM

Why do you need our company?

Reliability and honesty – we have clear cooperation model, client oriented contracts – without unfavourable provisions, contractual penalty or unnecessary locking into the contract. We draw clients with our work and effects and not contracts.

Flexibility – we adjust activities and budget to current needs, modify scope of work, number of phrases during our cooperation and development of your offer and adapt to current market trends.

Transparency – every month you receive full report of our work, keyword phrases report, website traffic report and optimisation report. Our specialist contacts you once a month to discuss the reports and further works.

Experience – our team has many years of experience in SEO, sponsored links and creating websites and e-commerce stores optimised for search engines. Thus, we are able to provide full service to our clients with one team.

Search Engine Optimisation, what does it mean?

Optimisation is based on a lot of activities, both one off and repeated over periods of time.

  • Audit and website optimisation. Checking the website/store with regards to Google regulations, structure, code, content – elements valuable to Google search engine.Introducing necessary corrections with regards to selected keyword phrases.
  • Link building leading to your website. Building topic links from trusted websites with good reputation or links from competitive websites and avoiding poor quality places and spam.
  • Content optimised for keywords increasing website visibility for certain phrases.
  • Analysis of keywords and website traffic.
  • Regular audit and verification of keywords.