Advertising on Facebook enables you to reach millions of online users with a touch of a button. It is swift, precise, and a decent, persuasive advertising message can attract many to your business.

Who are Facebook advertising campaigns for?

If you want to increase sales on your online store, build your image and undertake PR actions, as well as directly interact with your customers, gain leads, or read people’s opinions regarding your service, then Facebook is just the place for you.

Facebook is a universal tool thanks to which not only will you reach individual customers, but also implement advertising campaigns which target corporation that could show interest in your business.

Additionally, Facebook has for some time now been likening its own search engine to that of Google. This development has been a direct response to masses of users using the Facebook search bar to look for their answers e.g. when searching for a local business. Thanks to this, our profiles are even more complete and Facebook Ads campaigns are becoming even more effective.

Facebook campaigns will be exposed to your potential customers

The main advantage of advertising via Facebook Ads is the ability to precisely target the ad i.e. display it to those who are actually interested in your business, services, products etc. Almost all data and information that users share on their profiles can be exploited for advertising. When it comes to specific targeting, Facebook has virtually no limits.

However, a designated audience is just the beginning, because effective advertising on Facebook still requires some preparation. Firstly, you need to create enticing, encouraging advertising posts wrapped in sublime graphics and persuasive language. But before we do anything, we should actually specify our goals, i.e. the objective we aim to achieve when using paid promotion. For example, there is no need creating a post which invites people to your physical warehouse, when your e-store should be the one gathering most traffic.

3 steps to successful Facebook advertising

  1. Defining the goal and prime target group
    First, we need to specify what goal we want to achieve when utilising Facebook Ads, and above all else, who we really want to target.
  2. Optimisation and setting up systematic Facebook campaigns
    Thanks to the possibilities that Facebook grants us, we can produce campaigns that achieve the greatest benefits; all in accordance to your designated budget.
  3. Implementation of goals and reporting
    All the social media activities are focused on achieving our clients’ goals. In our monthly reports, we provide a clear picture of what works and what doesn't. With this trial and error method, we can eventually come up with a functional and effective campaign. We implement the conclusions gathered in the reports and apply new strategies in subsequent campaigns.

What we conduct when running our Facebook Ads campaigns?

  1. Monitoring of existing social media activities, determining the ranking of your brand on the social media portal.
  2. Defining campaign goals and target audiences.
  3. Configurating the advertising account.
  4. Preparing and creating appropriate content and graphic materials.
  5. Creating campaigns as well as ads + launching the campaign.
  6. Monitoring the budget and results of the campaign.
  7. Optimising and modifying the campaign – to increase efficiency and reduce advertising costs.
  8. Reporting all the undertaken advertising activities, progress and notices.

What’s included in the Facebook campaign fee?

A general media budget will be spent by the client on Facebook advertising. The budget does not have to be fixed; it can change every month depending on the needs, requirements, seasonal changes and overall progress. The fee for operating the campaign is always determined individually. After all, as opposed to individual customers or small businesses, the budget may be set as much higher for large corporations who are in demand of more social media presence.

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