The beginner’s training course aims to introduce the learner to the basics of Google Ads and develop the student’s knowledge to reach an intermediate level.

Regardless of whether you aim to manually configure the settings in your AdWords account and run the campaign by yourself, or perhaps coordinate with the agency you employed for such purpose. If you want to ensure things are going smoothly and efficiently, you must possess at least the basic knowledge of the Google advertising system. Thanks to our training, you will learn how to develop your understanding and gain vital skills which will help you to succeed.

Thanks to us, you will learn how to:

  1. Avoid mistakes and unfavourable errors when you begin your adventure with Google Ads. You will acquire the basic and intermediate knowledge of Google Ads and SEM advertising systems. You will comprehend the sheer number of possibilities that are offered by this form of business promotion,
  2. Set up and configure a Google Ads account - You will learn the organisation and structure of the SEM campaign in your advertising account,
  3. Connect analytical tools,
  4. Choose key phrases that best suit your business, and your goals,
  5. Create effective, distinctive and alluring advertising content,
  6. Generate and launch advertising campaigns,
  7. Monitor the campaign’s efficacy,
  8. Monitor the budget and modify expenses,
  9. Optimise your ongoing campaign – We will teach you how to improve the campaign’s performance and reduce overall costs.

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