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  1. We’ve completed hundreds of e-marketing projects. Our experience is incomparable
  2. We create websites for people, as well as the online bots . . .
  3. A business class care and relationship – and a ‘zero extra fees’ policy
  4. We design and manage everything, from initial logo sketches to server maintenance. A complex and comprehensive mindset is a sheer understatement.

That's how all our customers are treated.

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Remember, we are also humans, we speak a human language and we too were once clueless. Therefore, we will make utmost effort to deliver you an uncomplicated explanation of all technical issues and matters concerned.

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It is impossible to present everything we do. The following projects are just a fragment, not a slice, but a mere sliver of our experience in the field of web design.

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Would you like to cooperate with us, though you still have remining questions regarding website creation with Mapi Media?

Contact us or check the list of frequently asked questions below.

  • 1. I want to commission you the creation of a website, what will you require in terms of resources? What exactly should I prepare in advance?

    When we set the goal of building a website, we elect the right technology, determine its structure, map out a general scheme, develop architectural information – in other words, when we close a specific conceptual chapter, we simply get to work.

    We will certainly need a logotype (or at least elements of visual identification), images, graphic data, texts for all subpages which we will require (and/or optional translations corresponding to various language versions: English, German, Spanish etc.), online forms data etc.

    If there are any other elements that are required, we will inform you. Of course, whatever we’ll need will be derivative of our findings along the road of your website creation, and of course on the nature of your business. For example, if your website will contain an e-store, more demands will be made – the likes of product images. What we need will basically correspond with the functionalities of your website, as well as your final expectations. But relax, some elements, like the website’s textual content can be produced in parallel to us working on other aspects of your website. So, these constituents that will one day be integral to your website, do not need to be present and ready on day one.

    Remember, that if you’re struggling to find images or write the textual content, or you’re simply lacking time to do so, you can always commission us to implement everything – after all, we employ various copywriters, and subscribe to many websites where relevant images can be purchased.

  • 2. I don’t have any of the elements which are needed for website construction. And I don't have time to develop them, because I'm busy with my business/I don't have the skills to produce them/I specialise in something else – what can you do for me in such situation?

    The answer is simple, we can create everything for you. If you don’t have any elements ready, or have some but not all, we are here as your agency to fill in that gap. After all, our team is diversified in terms of specialisations and competence. Regardless of your needs or challenges, we can prepare for you all that is needed for a successful launch/construction of your website:

    1. Developing a logotype or a comprehensive visual identity system, including the characteristic/constitutive elements, graphics and even materials from the ‘DTP’ area (leaflets, business cards, packaging, folders etc.). More importantly, you’ll be able to exploit the digital projects that we create in traditional advertising means – or perhaps even utilise them to decorate your offices or physical shops.
    2. Composing bespoke copy: anything from mesmerising and eye-catching headlines to electrifying stories or anecdotes, convincing and alluring product descriptions, valid and candid statements. Our expert copywriters are here to properly capture the minds and needs of your consumers. They will answer their questions, solve their problems and adjust the language to suit their expectations. All this with the specially-tailored power of the written word. And not to worry, our copywriters don’t just go ahead and waffle the content out, not knowing a thing about your business. On the contrary, all their content-creation is preceded by hours of dedicated research and thorough market analysis – to ensure their copy makes sense and is well received.When developing the textual content for websites, we combine our methods to create captivating and persuading content, both for your target audience and the search engine robots alike. In order to ensure your webpage ranks high for a specific keyword, we use a number of specialised tools which enable us to boost the ranking of that page (these tools analyse the required word count, HTML element count, keyword frequency and saturation etc.). We write in Polish and English (British).
    3. Translations. Polish and English languages are of course our standard, to-go languages. So, if you develop your business in Poland, we can sort you out. If you’re expanding onto the European market, we can translate everything to English. But, if you target your offer across specific countries or territories, it’s almost a must that you have additional language versions – especially if your offer expands to countries that have less bilingual (English-speaking) users. Thanks to vast years of cooperation with friendly translators, we can offer you very high-quality translations at a reasonable price. Apart from Polish and English, we can translate your content into German, French, Italian, Spanish, and our language range is constantly expanding.Please remember that the language version may or may not be a 1 to 1 translation, or a mirror image of the original archetype. We try our best to adhere to the colloquial standards of the given nation’s language, therefore we take some liberties to deliver them texts that aren’t just understood, but also enjoyed. We think that this is the best approach, after all the phrase ‘some things just don’t translate’ is very true, and to guarantee success of your content, you need to apply the pragmatics and communicational delivery to each language.
    4. Images/Professional photoshoots/Product photography. ‘Content is the king.’ Yes, it's true. It's hard not to assign a leading role to content marketing. As you already know, the content, and its quality is vital not only for your target audience (users, consumers or prosumers), but also the bots, who determine whether your website passes the correct indexation. However, this does not absolve us from the obligation that appropriate images must be used. Depending on the features of your website and business nature, we can perform a photoshoot for you, which could help you fill in the gaps on your webpages and embellish them at the same time. Some of our staff are also very experienced photographs, so if you need a group photo of your work team, or a high-quality digital image of the couch you’re selling, give us a shout.Of course, we can also choose relevant images from online image web portals (these are places where you can find all kinds of digital images – some are free, but most are priced – though the cost isn’t usually high). Of course, the pictures found there are only generic images, sufficient for blogs or social media posts. If you want something more personal, at some point you will have to whack that camera out.

      So, to conclude this prolonged answer – if you have no resources, contact us, and we will provide you with any service imaginable.

  • 3. Do you provide the website address and a company mail, including different email addresses for my employees? How much would all of this cost?

    Naturally, we provide it all. When it comes to domains, we register the most popular local and global domain extensions. Of course, if you already have a domain with another operator, we will help you to transfer it to our system free of charge (albeit please bear in mind that to complete the transfer we’ll need the so-called authinfo code - learn more here about domain transfers).

    Check the domain registration and renewal price list at Mapi Media.

    Server/Email - we have our own dedicated hosting infrastructure. Our mega fast servers are based on SSDs. The attractive hosting bundles are tailored to all websites, which vary in resource requirements. The top-shelf bundles have no limit when it comes to capacity and e-mail accounts.

    We provide free help with opening up e-mail accounts within the likes of Microsoft Outlook or open-source Thunderbird.

    We provide access to your server management panel through a friendly, intuitive Cpanel interface.

    The Cost - when we establish a solid cooperation, you will receive the domain and server for free for the first year. The cost of renewing the server and domains for the following years can be found on our website: server, domain.

  • 4. What of the automatic data backup? Do you save/secure my website and e-mail box in this manner?

    Yes, we secure/save your website and email box. This is of course our standard procedure with any project we work on. Detailed information on backups can be found in our terms and conditions of website hosting services.

  • 5. And what of the characteristic ‘green padlock’ in the web browser toolbar, right next to my website address? Can you provide or guarantee this?

    Yes, you receive a free SSL certificate as standard when choosing one of our hosting bundles. This is especially significant, not only because the users trust your website and know it’s genuine, but also because the browsers and Google warn them against entering a potentially dangerous website that may prove to be a scam. If your website doesn’t possess such system, your visitors might be misled and leave immediately. The SSL certificate encrypts the connection to the website and is an absolute must feature, not only for e-commerce websites but for any websites that incorporate personal data submission options.

    Of course, the SSL certificate does not release you from taking care of your own passwords, the non-disclosure, or appropriate level of complexity. Remember, we will never ask you for your passwords via email. Such messages are a perfect example of phishing, i.e. attempts to ‘phish out’ access to your data. Such messages must be avoided at all cost, and if you’re ever in doubt, contact us for advice.

  • 6. How long does it take to build/design a website? Do you complete websites that require an asap launch?

    Indeed, we can create a website asap, but it will have to be launched in a WordPress website template. We use proven, safe SEO solutions for premium templates. When it comes to websites based on templates, we can offer a deadline of up to 5 business days for completion (of course, it depends on the current workload of our web-developers and the availability of resources – copy, images etc.).

    In other cases, we build websites based on a bespoke graphic design, tailored specifically to your business, and developed by our graphic designers. The time required to create a custom website, really depends on the contractor, because it’s up to them to review and control each submitted project (each webpage and progress made), and thereafter report back with any comments that will be taken into consideration during further iterations.

    For our part, we meet the submission deadlines by tackling individual stages (e.g. for a draft design of the main page, it usually takes up to 4 business days, design of any other specific subpage - 2 business days, coding of a typical company page on WordPress CMS: 4 -10 business days after project approval). But these are all estimates – everything in this line of business can vary, and there is no definitive answer.

    To answer unequivocally: the length of time required to complete a website construction depends entirely on the complexity of the project, additional functionalities (e.g. the need to integrate an online store with a storage system), customer availability (to undertake reviews) etc. We tend to create medium-sized company websites in CMS and with custom graphics in approx. 20 business days.

  • 7. How much does it cost to build a website, including all additional costs?

    This sounds like a repeated excuse, but in this line of business we truly value all projects individually in relation to the complexity of their functionality. After all, the more complex a website is, the more time-consuming its completion will be. Some template-based websites can be completed in 5 working days, others, bespoke and custom-made could take weeks. Of course, there are certain averages we can point you to (see the price list for creating websites), although the final quote will only be presented once a one-to-one discussion regarding your needs and demands is made.

    But what really affects the cost of creating a website?

    First of all, whether the site is to be created on a template (costing anywhere from £150 - £300 exc. VAT) or whether it should be designed based on a custom graphical design (ranging anywhere around £650 + exc. VAT), is entirely your decision. We can advise you of the best solution, but the final choice, taking your budget and demands into consideration, remains to you. Of course, don’t be put off by the low prices of templated websites – they are still high-quality stuff, but because they are pre-made, and we don’t need extra hours of our programmers to create a brand new design, you save a lot of money.

    Once you choose this, we propose additional functionalities you can insert to the website’s integrity e.g. language versions, integration with the e-mail marketing system, a subscription-form software that will generate application documents and a link them to quick online payments, or create a product catalogue with vast filtering options for each category. We won’t mention all possibilities here, because there are as many customers imagine, but the point is, each of these additional features is added and evaluated by us – then incorporated into your quote. Of course, it’s always feasible to sign a contract based on pre-selected functionalities, but then along the production-line, request more options, for which you will pay separately. So, worry not, you don’t need to decide what you need exactly, and on day one.

    To further that point, if you’ll be looking to purchase more of our additional services, like employing our copywriters to complete your online copy, or having them translate your original text into other languages, or perhaps opting for a full-fledged photoshoot with one of our professional photographers. They will all affect the final cost.

  • 8. Do you issue VAT invoices for websites? What are the terms of cooperation, payment, advance payment etc.?

    Yes, of course, we issue VAT invoices for all our services. A model example of Mapi Media cooperation looks something like this:

    1. The customer contacts us with a service requirement,
    2. A dedicated specialist analyses the client's needs in detail, verifies all circumstances, selects the right solutions and technologies, presents our arguments, suggestions and the POA (plan of action),
    3. When we agree on the scope of implementation, we can present an offer,
    4. We discuss the offer, and after you accept it, we prepare a contract that specifies all components of the project (deadlines, payment stages, obligations of both parties, the issue of resources, written content per page, images, detailed technical specifications of the project, etc.). Of course, we can present the contract brief to you at any time for inspection prior to signing. We want to avoid all discrepancies and offer full transparency,
    5. Once the contract has been signed, and payment has been completed in advance (usually a 50% of the overall total amount as listed on the contract), we proceed to action, in accordance to the pre-discussed scope and adopted schedule,
    6. We get to work and eventually provide you a complex, fully programmed, tested, functional and reliable website, supplemented with provided (or made by us) resources,
    7. Once you accept the website and give us permission to publish, we settle the remaining part of the contract i.e. the final balance,
    8. We continue our cooperation with you if you have opted to do so. This is especially the case if our customers are willing to systematically use our SEO (website hosting) service to maintain and promote their website online. Many also opt for features like Google/Facebook Ads campaigns, which we also launch and conduct from start to finish.
  • 9. After completing the website, do you provide some sort of administrative care and a guarantee?

    Of course. Each of the websites we complete for customers is covered by a 12-month guarantee.

    We will also gladly support you in day-to-day administration of the website, content, updates etc. Or provide advice regarding any matters or queries. In this case, we like to sign a service agreement which declares that we are willing to carry out any administrative work on your website within a specified time, and that each of your queries or concern submissions is treated with utmost priority. Once the scope of required maintenance work is determined, we immediately begin to work.

    Naturally, if any updates are sporadic and there is no need to establish a contract-based cooperation, we’ll be at your service, nonetheless. Then, as a general rule, we will work based on the hourly-pay agreement.

  • 10. CMS allows you to manage the website by yourself, but will I be able to handle the task?

    CMS (Content Management System) was created first and foremost for non-technically oriented people, rather than professional programmers. Thanks to this anyone, without the specialised knowledge of HTML or CSS basics can independently, quickly and easily update the website content – and if training is needed, it is never complex nor time consuming.

    If you can operate any word processor, e.g. Microsoft Word or LibreOffice, then you’ll be simultaneously able to manage your content in WordPress and thus operate the website yourself.

    The friendly use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor is at your disposal. Before publishing the text on a given webpage, the editor allows you to preview its appearance.

    Of course, WordPress's capabilities include not only the management of existing content, but also the possibility of modification and expansion of the website’s structure. Thanks to this, you can create a multi-level main menu, embed videos into the content, add new bookmarks, galleries, news, products, files, forms . . . and other bespoke solutions that we can program for you.

  • 11. Will you train me to use the website? And if so, in what way?

    Yes, we shall! What's more, we will record this training via Screencast (screen recording system along with the background commentary on all performed activities). Thanks to this, you will be able to go back to the video at any time and remind yourself how to operate certain CMS functions. With this approach, the training won’t be stressful, and you won’t have to worry about quickly making notes or trying to instantly sear certain aspects into your memory. None of that. We will go through the whole system slowly, but you’ll have the video for guidance anyway in case you require future revision.

  • 12. Will I know how many people visit my website?


    In fact, this is information which you will need to know . . .

    Web analytics is the foundation for all businesses, the small local ones e.g. coffee shops, that don’t require national marketing, as well as the big corporations e.g. banks, which have to establish a name and promotion for themselves nationally or internationally.

    As a standard procedure, during every creation of a website we incorporate the basic configuration of Google Analytics or Google Tagmanager. We also configure the Google Search Console service accordingly, which provides the necessary info regarding the status of users or Googlebots crawling or browsing the site. Among many other features, this system allows you to detect any errors, non-existent subpages (with the infamous 404 error), or actual investigate what relevant queries are made in the Google organic results.

  • 13. Will my website appear neat and professional on my phone or tablet?

    Yes. We should add that it will not only look attractive and captivating, but it will also work!

    Remember that the percentage of mobile users is increasing systematically year by year. The exact percentage of mobile users visiting your website (whether it’s approx. 50%, 60% or 70% etc.) can be roughly determined by what consumer audience you’re targeting towards your particular industry. Although remember, that smartphones are currently the norm. Even the elderly are purchasing smartphones and browse the internet through these platforms. So, it’s likely that the percentage of mobile-using target audience will be high for any nature of business. The so-called ‘responsive’ mobile version of the website is not some addition, or an exclusive feature, it is often (or at least should be) the main version of the website.

Did you struggle to find the answers to questions of your interest?

Contact us – our response is direct and swift.
We will bend space-time, especially for you!

Contact us,
In whichever way pleases you:

Designing websites on WordPress

Why should you opt for the foremost CMS (Content Management System)?

  1. Popularity
  2. Expansion
  3. Staying up to date
  4. Versatility
  5. Progressiveness
  6. User friendly
  7. integrations
  8. Security
  9. SEO

So which functions/features may your website contain?

  1. Premium WordPress template or bespoke graphic design
  2. Responsive Web Design, your website will look great on any device
  3. UX (user experience) model illustrating where the individual elements are distributed
  4. Content Management System (CMS). That’s right, this system allows you to operate your own website, and you don't have to be an experienced programmer!
  5. A friendly WYSIWYG editor. Do you use Microsoft Word? If so, then you’ll operate your website with ease!
  6. Modern, responsive and managed slider (graphics rotator)
  7. High-quality HTML, CSS code consistent with the best W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) practices
  8. Optional page builder based on the drag and drop system
  9. Creating an infinite number of website subpages
  10. A regular update feature (publishing entries)
  11. A blog system, an ideal solution for running a company’s blog
  12. Both of these systems allow for chronological publishing of entries, based on categories, entry tags, authors
  13. Sorting out different post entries
  14. A catalogue of services/products with filtering function
  15. User management, defining different roles and access levels
  16. Commenting function on posts, moderating the system, setting up accounts by users
  17. Website structure management, multi-level menu, mega menu, incorporating an infinite number of subpages and categories into the menu
  18. Creating image galleries
  19. Posting videos
  20. Uploading files
  21. Modern parallax scrolling effects, CSS animations, transition animations, SVG morphing, lazy loading, counter, a timeline etc.
  22. Embedding the contact, order or registration forms
  23. Highlighting cookies information
  24. Inserting a Google Maps interactive map with travel details
  25. Adapting to vast language versions
  26. GDPR support

Check out the opinions and reviews left behind by our past and present clients:

Without a doubt the best programming company in our region.

Mapi Media is a company composed of a qualified and experienced team. Our great contact and quick responses to amendments meant that the cooperation went smoothly at every stage of the project.

The quality of workmanship and attention to detail - even when dealing with large undertakings - is admirable.

Rafał Blachura

We used the Mapi Media company's offer while creating the website. We decided on some interesting ideas and solutions proposed during joint meetings and arrangements regarding the overall shape of the new website.

We also decided to use their SEO service, to apply them to our site. We too requested a conduct of activities on our Social Media pages. The website positioning is a particularly difficult task for websites with a brand-new domain, and our own company website was in this situation when it was first launched.

Artur Fidler
Hajduk Fireplaces
Join the masses of satisfied and content clients!

Send us some brief context, files, or ideas regarding your dreamy website – or simply tell us what you need!

We divide each implementation into separate stages. Small steps bring us closer to big results!

  1. Analysing/Defining objectives
  2. Selecting and presenting the solutions
  3. Confirming the scope of work
  4. Presenting our offer
  5. Contract signing and work commences
  6. Design stage
  7. Graphics composition and coding
  8. Programming additional functions
  9. Testing
  10. Final implementation

The website:

Wisła, Szczyrk, Brenna ... i.e. Beskid Mountains at any time of the year!

Wisła is one of the more frequently visited traditional mountain destinations in Poland. Thanks to its impressive scale of investments in modern ski infrastructure, Szczyrk is becoming the epitome of successful ski-resort. The charming nearby towns and villages, along with picturesque neighbouring cities are visited by tens of thousands of tourists each year. And not only in winter. Of course, many of them search for accommodation via the Internet before they set off anywhere.

Our customer’s website - was created with one notion: creating a pleasant, virtual meeting place for tourists and owners of apartments, private accommodations, holiday centres, hotels and agritourism households.

Project goals:

The starting point for the construction of the new version of the website was twofold. On the one hand, the website owner deduced the old website had insufficient functionalities and he wanted to elaborate on effective administration for the current version. On the other hand, we wanted to develop the technological changes that affect each user and have a big impact on the experience. After all, with the rise of smartphones, the palette of activities that we want to perform growing, our need to quickly and intuitively navigate, compare, finalise the booking of accommodation. The expectations are constantly getting higher, so for, it was time to evolve.

The bar has certainly been set very high. A new, modern website with complex functionalities had to be adapted so that it’s not confusing nor problematic to use, especially for ‘non-technical’ people. When making a website, especially one based on selection of accommodation, we cannot tire the customer out, we cannot make this task a chore, but render it into an enjoyable experience. We wanted to create a website with one notion in mind: no codding skills required. So, we got to work!

After the main discussion with, we presented the detailed technical aspects of the web portal and established UX plans, then recognised a couple of objectives. We wanted to implement:

  1. Simple and quick registration means for new website users (owners of the accommodation facilities)
  2. Selection of a timely payment plan for the virtual business card (currently there are three plans to choose from. These can be amended, or other plans implemented in the future by the website administrator, without our intervention)
  3. Implementation and full configuration of swift internet payment methods for the selected subscription
  4. Fast payment acceptance with quick virtual business card activation
  5. Discount codes which reduce the subscription price (defining any percentage/amount of the code)
  6. Free subscription for the initial period
  7. Automatic reminders to renew the subscription for the next period before the business card expires
  8. Simple and quick creation of a virtual business card to promote your accommodation facility (descriptions, special offers, photo galleries, price lists, features of the facility, amenities in the rooms, contact form with the date of arrival, integration with Google Maps and Google reCAPTCHA)
  9. Reviews system to be posted by users
  10. Filtering of the offers to given categories, according to the criteria selected by the owner
  11. Additional section devoted to attractions in given cities/towns/villages
  12. Promotion of special offers
  13. A subscription form and integration with one of the leading email marketing system providers


Of course, these were only one of many objectives that we planned to implement. The list could go on, but we selected a few of the features above because in our opinion they are the most interesting aspects related to programming work. Some of them are challenging to execute, but who at Mapi Media doesn’t like a challenge?

After accepting the technical specifications and UX plans illustrating the distribution of elements, we made bespoke graphic designs for all the company’s subpages on the website. Then we proceeded to coding front-ednu and implementation of the functionalities based on WordPress and Woocommerce systems. Once the website was optimised and tested, it was published on our server. To this day it meets a lot of success and gathers hundreds of positive user opinions per month.

It’s without a doubt the best programming company in our region.

Mapi Media is a company composed of a qualified and experienced team. Our great contact and quick responses to amendments meant that the cooperation went smoothly at every stage of the project.
The quality of workmanship and attention to detail - even when dealing with large undertakings - is admirable. It’s without a shadow of a doubt, the best programming company in our region.
It’s without a doubt the best programming company in our region.

Rafał Blachura owner

Mission accomplished with utmost success!

The bar has been set very high. A new, modern website with complex functionalities had to be adapted to ‘non-technical’ so they can swiftly and intuitively operate their virtual/digital business cards.

This is an extended list of the features/functionalities your company website may possess:


  1. Integration with Google Analytics, Search Console, GTM
  2. Tracking of conversions
  3. Setting up a Google Ads account (formerly Google AdWords)
  4. Setting up a remarketing and Google Ads conversion tag
  5. An online chat system
  6. Chat via Messenger
  7. Quick call dialling
  8. Pop-ups, i.e. ‘Pop-up windows’
  9. A subscription form which details the subscribers' consent to receiving newsletter emails with a double-opt-in model
  10. Optional integration with an external email marketing system provider
  11. Facebook pixel configuration
  12. Building remarketing lists
  13. Links and icons that lead to all your social media accounts
  14. 301 redirects
  15. Friendly, easy-to-remember and clear URL addresses
  16. A unique meta title and description
  17. Image alts
  18. Header hierarchy (H1 - H6)
  19. Compression of graphics
  20. Cache mechanism
  21. Code optimisation
  22. Robots.txt file
  23. A sitemap
  24. Own 404 error page
  25. HTML5 semantic tags

We ensure your website is protected and provide you the following:

  1. Access to the CMS panel
  2. Propose passwords with high strength validation
  3. Aid with password recovery
  4. Multi-user access levels
  5. Comment-section moderating (eliminating spam, abusive messages etc.)
  6. Spam protection
  7. ReCAPTCHA integration with the online forms
  8. A free SSL certificate
  9. Intelligent system updates
  10. Regular backups
  11. Server level firewall
  12. A secured webmail panel
  13. 12 months of warranty
  14. Technical assistance
szybki kontakt: +48 692 858 574

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