Building Backlink Pages – Step By Step

Backlink pages have various opinions, although they are still exploited as tools for SEO. Despite the fact that SEO is constantly changing backlink pages won’t disappear any time soon.

Backlinks pages are used to improve search engine rankings of primary website. It’s the main goal of such pages, but there are others as well. Some people consider them as rubbish that’s not readable and offers poor quality content that has no value for users. It’s true for many backlink  pages, but not for all of them.

There are backlink pages that are carefully built and created with a lot of effort. Such pages truly improve primary pages SEO rankings and allow to control link-building process. They also generate high quality traffic and have real value for users. Average users very often can’t even say they’re backlink pages. Such pages have clear layout, are easy to navigate, look professional and offer quality content that’s highly engaging. It’s these kinds of pages we should build. Where to start?

Building backlink pages – step by step

Choosing domain and page name, creating company logo

Backlink pages should have simple and easy to remember URL address. Users tend to avoid links which tell nothing about website’s content and have strange signs.

Another step is choosing proper name for the website. It’s good practice to put the name or its fragment in the URL address. If the connection between the website and its URL address is visible the website looks professional. The name shouldn’t be too long and complex, but it must be original.

Brand name or logo is an essential element for the website. It allows to distinguish the website from other similar portals and assures professional look. Moreover, logo very often serves as a button that is clickable and can direct to main site (start page window.)

Keep in mind that there’s plenty of free online tools and creators which allow to create logos.

Layout and colour scheme, graphics

Building backlink page can take a lot of time and effort, but definitely less that creating professional portals from the scratch. Why? Mostly because in order to build backlink pages it’s a common practice to rely on ready templates. Still, it doesn’t mean that you should choose randomly. It’s best to take some time and browse free photo stocks. If we care about creating great website the best solution is to buy unique template.

Building backlink pages should be based on CMS system, which has graphic templates. At this moment the most popular CMS is Word Press. Word Press is known for its user friendly interface allowing to effectively manage content. Thanks to free plugins optimisation is even easier.

Content creating and publishing

Backlink page isn’t only filled with basic information on main site and subpages. Mostly, it relies on regularly published new articles with links directing to primary website improving its ranking in Google.

Articles have to be well prepared. They should have valuable and useful content and tackle current topics that are engaging. High quality should be accompanied by eye-catching layout.

Content published on backlink pages should be helpful. Only then it can serve as encouragement for another visits and clicks on links directing to primary website which is optimised.