Win Managing AdWords Campaign for Free – Mapi Media Competition

Managing AdWords campaign is one of the basic services offered by interactive agencies. Ads can take different forms. The most popular are text ads.

Expanded text ads are undergoing constant changes. Google is constantly updating its popular product, and many people claim its goal is to make ads indistinguishable from organic results. New ads labels are a perfect example. Another important change was text ads structure, you can see more here. Running AdWords campaign is a very effective way of online promotion, and Google’s changes only increase its effectiveness.

Google AdWords campaigns – benefits

The most important benefit is presentation of shortened version of a given company offer. The moment users type their queries in they can see ads closely related to their search with short description of crucial services and products. Brands which promote themselves online with AdWords can become easily recognizable. Text ads appear above organic results (also below) so they’re the first thing users see.

Benefits of running AdWords campaigns are:

Quick results

SEO optimization in contrast to AdWords promotion is a long term process. SEO requires running multiple tasks, both on and off-site (internal linking), yet there is no guarantee that the website will rank high. On the other hand, AdWords campaigns bring quick results – website appear above organic results, hence website traffic is substantially increased.

Targeting only valuable customers already showing interest

Expanded text ads are eligible only for relevant queries. The message shows to users who are already showing interest in given products or services. If keywords are properly chosen there is no way of throwing money down the drain.

Local and global reach

Running AdWords campaigns isn’t limited to only one location. AdWords can promote both local businesses and international corporations. Relevant ads configuration allow for targeting ads for given locations, regions or cities.

Payment only for actual clicks

AdWords campaign are most often charged in PPC model, that means Pay Per Click. It means that there is no charge if ads are shown but not clicked. Advertisers only pay for a number of clicks, which direct to their main site or product/service subpage.

Mobile ads versions

Recently introduced changes allow for creating one ad text eligible for both desktop and mobile versions. Optimized AdWords are doing well in different screen resolutions.

Win managing AdWords campaign for free

Now you know what are the benefits of running AdWords campaigns. It’s time to use them to your advantage!

Since the beginning of June we have been running a competition on Facebook. The prize is managing AdWords campaigns for free – prize is worth about 500 zl. The task is really simple, you just need to write or present in any other form, where you see your company in 5 years. The answer should be published below this post:

It’s worth to take part in the competition – it’s a huge money saver and possibility of quick results shown in higher traffic on your company website. You can see the competition rules here.

We encourage everyone to participate!