Google Analytics Added a New Home Page

Last October Google announced first changes in Google Analytics interface. At that time it wasn’t certain whether these changes would roll out globally.

Changes have been implemented in most of the countries and Google Analytics has gained a new home page which allows for quick review of a given website. Introduced changes are to make data gathering and analysis concerning users traffic and website on-site conversions more efficient.

Google Analytics tool to monito website traffic

How was it?

Up until now Google Analytics users were welcomed with the report ”Audience Overview.” This report presented very general information. The tool seemed to be difficult to navigate, especially for people who didn’t have the knowledge where to  find their website traffic information. Google decided to add a new home page which would make finding the proper data and its analysis much easier. New post-login landing page allows immediate access to information connected with a given website and its visibility online. Google Analytics is still the most effective tool to monitor website traffic.

What does new post-login landing page include?

New Google Analytics home page clearly presents basics website statistics. The page is very clear and what is the most important – gathers in one place all data from the analyzed website in real time. The page also shows charts presenting changes happening over a few past days.

New is the possibility to intuitively review the statistics. Each section is listed with header in the form of question, which makes the analysis much easier. Question set context forces in a way looking for answers and drawing conclusions. Due to headers users know how to effectively use the report and what actions to take in order to grow their business.

Users can see new statistics page just after login to Google Analytics. Statistical data is presented in simple form, which makes it easy to notice and analyze basic website traffic information. Still, it’s possible to analyze the data in detail. In order to do so users need to click a tab leading to given report. Google Analytics detailed reports aren’t changed.

Statistics analysis - a way to success

What statistical data new Google Analytics shows?

Each section under given header provides different data. Yet, they are all equally important and show how users behave on a given website. These are:

– number of users and started sessions, average time spent on a website;

– times when there’s the highest traffic;

– number of users currently on a website;

– users location;

– devices used to visit your website (desktop, mobile devices);

– most frequently visited subpages.

The data is presented in a clear and easy to view form and make Google Analytics experience pleasant. The update seems to be successful, still we need to wait for the results to be sure.