Is Responsive Website a Necessity?

The number of mobile users is growing – the number of mobile website versions for smartphones and tablets should grow too.

Mobile devices allow for constant online presence. Their popularity is growing, so that it’s necessary to design websites easy to browse on smaller screens. A website without mobile version loses traffic coming from mobile devices, and lower traffic means lower profits. Apart from creating mobile version there is a second option – responsive website.

Mobile first-index in 2018 and responsive websites

Mobile website version Google ranking factor

Google is well aware of current trends and user’s needs. It’s been quite some time since Google announced that mobile version would be one of Google ranking factors. Yet, it’s still not enough. Google goes even further and announces introduction of mobile-first index.  This change will be introduced next year. According to many people, it’s the responsive website, and not the mobile version which will help to rank higher after mobile-first index will be introduced.

What is responsive website?

Responsive web design, in short RWD refers to web design taking into account mobile devices. There is no need to  design a separate mobile version of a website, it’s enough to have one which will adapt to mobile screens.  Responsive website loads fast and its layout is clear on all kinds of devices. One responsive website allows for much easier indexation by Google, than two websites, standard and mobile which have two URL addresses.

Responsive website much more frequently visited

There are many factors that influence website traffic and popularity. Responsive website will definitely help to keep mobile users intrested. There is quite a lot at stake, when you consider traffic coming from mobile devices. Conversion rate from responsive websites can be much higher.

The number of mobile users is growing

Responsive website is a must

Mobile devices traffic won’t decrease, it’s rather the opposite. Bearing in mind that number of mobile devices users is constantly increasing and Google mobile-first index announcement proves that having responsive websites is a must.