High Website Traffic And No Effects

Business owners who have their own websites care not only about how many users visit them, but also even more about users’ interactions, which eventually lead to business success.

Users visit particular websites for a reason. Of course, sometimes users just stumble on given websites by accident but most often they visit them counting on finding answers to their needs. Websites can offer products and services users are looking for or simply answers to the questions they ask. Unfortunately, websites don’t always provide relevant answers to users and a result users quickly leave them. Although, business owners note high website traffic it doesn’t actually turn into profit. What are the reasons behind it?

There can be many reasons. Some website errors can be eliminated quickly, yet other require high amounts of work. While looking for errors it’s best to start with analysis of traffic’s quality.

High website traffic sources

Quality website traffic – what is it?

High quality traffic means that website visitors fit into perfect customer persona model. If they don’t high traffic won’t turn into actual profit.

Traffic source is also an important factor – best practice is to check the path leading users to our website and whether it’s better to draw traffic from other sources. It can turn out that valuable traffic comes mostly from the search engine and organic searches and low quality traffic from other sources, for example social media channels. In that case it’s best to change strategy and focus on ads within the search network (SEO, AdWords.)

Another issue that should be checked is the bounce rate. If it’s high, which means that a lot of users leave the website right after it’s loaded, it means that the website isn’t attractive or it doesn’t offer any relevant content.  For some reasons users decide that our website isn’t interesting.

Perfect customer persona

Perfect customer persona should be created a way ahead, perfectly during website designing stages. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners forget about that altogether. If you’re also forgetting make certain to improve your website’s user experience. Of course, creating relevant and complete customer persona can take a lot of time, yet even the most basic information is enough to start building successful business strategy. Keep in mind that websites aren’t built for their owners but for prospective customers. Therefore, it’s essential to know their expectations and needs.

Users’ paths

What are other things to check the reasons why high website traffic doesn’t turn into profits? It’s also crucial to understand users’ paths on our website. Google Analytics is the best tool for such analysis. It’s also important to check whether users follow the designed path or they consider it  tiresome and use their own paths. Keep in mind that website navigation should be intuitive and user friendly.

Clear menu is just one of the most essential elements of user friendly website. There are other factors that influence user’s experience, for example: page load time. Page load time is especially important in case of mobile users. Another key element relevant to mobile users’ experience is optimisation for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Complete website audit can determine what needs to be optimised. Such optimisation can be the element which will transform high traffic into actual conversion, and our website will generate profits.