How to Boost Company Blog’s Conversion Rate? Tips

Company blogs are gaining momentum now. They are one of the most popular ways of online promotion. Hence, blog’s conversion rate is really important.

How to boost company blog’s conversion rate? To answer this question properly first we need a clear definition of what actions count as conversions. They are:

  1. Number of users navigating from company blog to the landing page selling products/services;
  2. Number of newsletter signups;
  3. Number of users’ interactions after posts are published – comments, likes and shares.

The goal here is not necessary to increase the number of blog readers, although the more the better. It’s rather to boost conversion rate and keep the readers as they are.

How to boost company blog’s conversion rate?

Work on the way content looks

Content quality is important, but let’s not forget about its look. Blog will draw readers attention if it’s relevant and looks attractive. Paragraphs, headers, bold texts, numbered lists – they all influence post’s general appeal. Long, wide columns of text turn readers off, especially when block of text aren’t spaced out with graphics like tables, charts or photos.

Use call to action buttons

Call to action (CTA) buttons can be successfully used on a company blog. Readers who aren’t encouraged to take further action probably won’t do anything. CTA buttons are best when short, enticing users to comment/give opinion or sign up for a newsletter. They can also direct (or even should!) to the landing page. Placement and appearance of CTA buttons is hugely important. They should be located in a visible spot and be logically related to content. Frequently CTA “sign up for newsletter” buttons are placed below body of text, asking whether reader likes the article and wants to receive other ones that are  thematically related.

Paste advertising banners to space posts out

Usually blog (the website reader sees) is divided into two parts. First is the content of the article. Second is the so called sidebar, that includes among others list of categories, the most popular tags and titles of the newest articles. Good practice is to space these two parts with ads directing to specific products on the store website or company website. Keep in mind not to overuse the ads.

Ways how to boost conversion rate

Allow for commenting for unregistered users

Not all blog readers are registered. Some of them access the website very rarely, other more frequently but haven’t decided to register. Yet, they all should be able to comment freely. They can be more willing to leave a comment if it’s quick and easy. Hence it’s worth to install a relevant plugin to comment posts. Boosting readers’ engagement is possible through options like “click to tweet” – where when clicking highlighted part readers can quickly share it on Twitter. Twitter and other social media icons should be added to your blog.

Use pop-ups

Pop ups can be annoying if there are too many of them, it’s difficult to close them or they cover a lot of space. Google search engine doesn’t like pop ups, therefore it’s good to be careful. Still, it’s good to have a pop up, especially when readers are reluctant to act and may leave the blog. Here’s the time to pop up like “sign up for newsletter.” Pop ups can also include advertising content, inform about current promotions or offer discount codes.

Sum up

Running a blog and regular publishing of posts can positively influence website ranks. Each new post is a new subpage and more space for adding links. Posting valuable content that can engage readers makes the brand more recognizable and important in the given industry. Above described practices can turn readers into buying customers. There are many ways to boost company blog conversion. Keep in mind that higher conversion rates mean higher profits.