Not Only Google is Concerned About Page Load Time

Page loading time shouldn’t exceed 3 seconds. The longer the page loads the more irritated and discouraged the user.

Website owners should do everything in their power to make their page load time as short as possible. Why page load  time is so important? There are at least two reasons.

Page load time is important for search engine bots and users both

Page load time is important because of user experience. Users generally want to find relevant information quick and easy. If they need to wait for the page to load too long they leave. This concerns mainly mobile devices users. Interestingly, their number is significantly increasing.

The other reason why it’s a must to minimize page load time are the criteria of Google bots. They are important in page rankings. Page load time is a Google ranking factor – not the most important, but pretty significant. Website with faster load time can have better results in rankings.


Facebook takes into account loading time

Facebook has a huge number of users all over the world. More and more often these are mobile devices users, who seek websites that are responsive and load fast. Facebook notices the need to change to improve mobile users’ experience. The changes concern News Feed. A new function will allow for more frequent display of posts with links to website with faster load time. The information has been announced on Facebook blog and is available here.

What are Facebook news?

Facebook in its blog posts notices that almost  40% of users decide to leave a website if its load time is more than 3 seconds. In order to improve users experience Facebook in its News Feed wants to promote posts leading to websites with short load time, less than 3 seconds. The algorithm will take into account a few factors, such as person’s current network connection.

Facebook posts distribution in NewS Feed and page load time

What are the consequences for posts with links?

Facebook claims that most pages won’t see any changes in their distribution in News Feed. Only website owners with longer load time can experience the difference. Post leading to such websites will appear less frequently in News Feed. What can  be done in this situation? Read here on how to increase page load time.