Sharing Posts on Facebook – How to Increase the Number of Shares?

Social media channels are growing in popularity. Hence, it’s no surprise that more and more companies decide to have their fan pages.

It’s worth to be present on Facebook. There are many reasons that make it worthwhile. It’s not only about gaining likes, but also about being in touch with prospective customers in a less formal way. The better your fan page the more chances of sharing your posts, and as a result of spreading knowledge about your company, creating its positive image and gaining new customers. Sharing posts on Facebook helps to reach wide audiences. What can you do to substantially increase the number shares?

Sharing posts on Facebook and their timing

Eye-catching posts with engaging content are shared more often

It’s obvious that users share more often posts that they find interesting. It’s important for posts to have eye-catching graphics, engaging language and relevant content. It’s not without reason that the most often shared posts are the ones with graphics, pictures or videos, or the ones asking questions, telling stories, referring to popular blogs, organizing competitions or offering discount codes.

Why this kinds of posts have the highest number of likes and shares? It’s because they invoke emotions – sometimes laughter, sometimes sadness, all in some way affecting users. Users want others to experience these emotions. They want others to be engaged and to see how posts influence them and whether they agree with it. Sharing posts on Facebook is also frequent when it comes to funny posts that can easily make others laugh. It’s similar with posts presenting practical information. Sharing posts is also a way to get in touch with a given person or company which published it.

What can influence sharing posts on Facebook?

The number of shares can be increased in a variety of ways, among other by asking your fans. Why it’s a good practice? Because each share is a possibility of engaging other customers, who in turn can become loyal to your brand or products. Unfortunately, not all prospective customers can be reached without financial investments.

How can you increase the number of shares? You can find a few tips below:

Good timing of publishing posts. Even the most interesting posts can be left out by users if they’re published during hours when no one has time to check on Facebook. It’s confirmed that most of posts are shared in the afternoon or evening. In some areas of business morning hours can be better – this needs to be verified while trying different publishing times.

Using emoticons. Posts look much more attractive if there are emoticons. You can choose from plenty of emoticons for all kinds of content. Posts with emoticons draw attention and engage, yet you need to remember to use emoticons reasonably, select them properly so that they don’t hinder understanding of their content.

Telling life-related stories. Stories shouldn’t be trite. They need to be engaging and thought-provoking. Users like moving stories taken from real life and are willing to share them. This kind of stories can be effectively used to explain some business related issues.

Paid ads campaigns. Facebook introduces some limitations which very often can be overcame in paid ads campaigns. Sometimes posts with high number of shares are simply the result of paid campaigns.