Simple Websites and Users’ Needs

Can a really simple website meet users’ needs fully? Undoubtedly, simple websites have a lot of advantages, but are they suitable for every area of business?

Websites are designed to mark one’s presence online. Interestingly, it’s not only about online visibility but also standing out against competitors. Websites are there to present business in an interesting way and engage users. Users seek information, hence content is the key. We can’t forget about website layout, and also other vital elements like intuitive interface or short page load time. Websites that are simple load really fast. Flat design websites, currently very fashionable, have a lot of advantages, but are they efficient in different situations?

Website design

Simple website – advantages, typical features

Relevant content, simple message

Modern day users spend long hours online, yet they don’t have enough time to dig into various topics. They don’t want to go deep into long articles, unless they know that a given article is an answer to their questions. Simple website has relevant quality content shown in a user friendly way. Additional elements don’t distract users, and users can easily access information they seek.


Simple website doesn’t have unnecessary elements, hence it’s clear and easy to navigate. User friendly layout results also from the fact that there are no more than two font types used. Popular, simple font type is used in text body and another is in headers.

Distinctive colors

Simple websites like distinctive colors, which direct users sight. It’s a common practice to use just a few contrastive colors and not many different shades. Proper color coordination is an art in itself and flat design makes use of it.

Flat design favours distinctive colors

Graphic symbols

Users like graphic symbols. In many cases they replace text and direct users in a relevant place much faster. Simple website is frequently completed with clear and eye-catching graphics. They limit amount of text on a website. Sometimes, a simple symbol can tell more than a few words.

Easy modifications

Small amount of elements allows easy modifications. All kinds of modifications are really quick and simpler than in case of complicated larger websites. It’s much easier to find errors and locate their sources. All modifications are time efficient – you don’t need much time to make a lot of them.

Easy calibrations on smartphones

Simple website is especially liked by mobile devices users. Due to simple layout and qualities it’s easy to calibrate. Elements are properly displayed on all kinds of screens, no matter the size. They are only few, hence browsing the website isn’t tiring for mobile users.

Easy to calibrate flat design website

Simple website – solution for everybody?

This kind of websites you can find in all areas of business, but they aren’t popular everywhere. If the business doesn’t require a huge number of graphics, tables or descriptions and website owners only want to show basic information and seek simplicity and minimalism simple website is a good idea. Online shops who often attract users with pop ups and a huge amount of information aren’t really fond of flat design. Similarly, those publishing content for very young and active users. After all, we need to take into consideration visitors’ needs and preferences.