Satisfied Clients Opinions Boost Sales – User Generated Content

E-commerce stores’ owners should care about acquiring positive comments about their business and services or products. Satisfied clients’ opinions can significantly boost sales.

Unfortunately, not all online stores allow commenting. Sometimes it’s because they’re concerned about negative comments, other times it’s because of lack of time for looking through and moderating opinions. Some online store owners simply don’t realize that users should be content creators. What are the reasons for this? Find the answers below.

User generated content – what does it mean in practice?

Users can be visible online, they can leave opinions, comments and reviews. They can also go one step further and perform certain actions in social media channels. This kind of user generated content can be effectively used not only for promotion. Users’ comments can help in increasing website’s visibility, building positive image and brand awareness, acquiring new customers and as a result in boosting sales. Active users are reliable sources of information for online stores’ owners, they show what they like and what might possibly be changed.

User generated content - comments and reviews

How does user generated content influence business?

Comments as additional and reliable source of information about company and products

Even the best product description doesn’t encourage to buy it. Yet, positive comments of other users tend to do. Users’ comments are not only an additional source of knowledge about products but also  unique kind of advertising. The bigger number of comments, of course positive ones, the higher prospective clients’ interest. It’s worth to notice at this point that you shouldn’t simply delete negative comments or leave them unanswered.

Additional content filled with keywords affects SEO

The more quality content on the website the better. If a given website doesn’t look reliable, if there’s no content or its quality is questionable such a website won’t be ranked high within search results. On the other hand, quality content such as product descriptions filled with keywords and comments  relevant to your products can positively influence your website search engine ranks.

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Online shopping, comments

Users’ feedback for e-commerce owners

User generated content – valuable only to other users? The answer is no! User generated content is also essential to online store owners and people launching new products. This kind of content makes it easy to see what in our offer needs to be changed, which solutions can be improved and which should be abandoned. User generated content allows to avoid most of the mistakes in the future.

It’s obvious that we can’t allow to have all kinds of content on our website. This can lead to very serious consequences. Just consider the effects of vulgar, offensive, false content or spam. Therefore, when deciding on implementing user generated content it’s best to keep an eye on what’s going on our website.