Why Your Online Sales Aren’t Satisfactory?

Online stores need to sell if they aim to generate profits. Unfortunately, online sales are very often unsatisfactory. Why?

There are many reasons behind low online sales. Therefore, in order to improve sales it’s best to start with your page load time, quality of your service, website layout and product pages functionalities, competitors’ activities and to check if your ads are relevant and engaging.

Low sales resulting from improper promotional strategies

Advertising budget needs to be included in every company’s budget. Insufficient or irrelevant promotion definitely won’t boost online sales. If you aim to drive new customers to your website you must be visible online. There are many ways to increase your online presence, for example social media channels, search engine optimisation, company blog, e-mail marketing or AdWords campaigns. Best practice its to keep in mind that one carefully targeted campaign with specific goal can be more effective than many spread campaigns with no goal at all.

While preparing advertising camping it’s best to keep an eye on your competition. Ads shouldn’t only inform about  just another online shop, instead they should distinguish your offer and show that it’s simply the best.

Online shopping

Online sales and product page layout

It’s obvious that the way a given product page in online store  looks has a huge impact on customers’ shopping decisions. Therefore, such product page should be clearly organised and have all functionalities/descriptions enabled such as the following:

– product name and its parameters,

– unique description,

– photos (video),

– price,

– ”add to cart” button

Product description is the most important. It should be precise – few sentences is undoubtedly not enough to present your product properly. However, your description shouldn’t be also too long. Good practice is to present your products in a good light and show your customers the benefits.

Products photos are essential as well. Some store owners use photos from the producers, but it’s better to have your own photos. In this way your photos are easily recognizable and differ from your competitors.

Why online sales are low

Online sales and trust building

Your prospective customers won’t buy your product if there’s no trust. Therefore, it’s important for your customers to know who you are and what’s your business – subpage “About us”/”About company” is a must. It’s also crucial to fill in contact details and present understandable return and complaints policy.

Moreover, stores which cooperate with payment gateways and allow to pay on delivery build trust.

SSL certificate is crucial as well. Reasonable users won’t buy your products if  there’s no certificate. Especially, if registration and immediate payment are required.