Google AdWords Express – Simplified Version of AdWords

Google AdWords popularity is undiminished, yet some business owners are still hesitant to use it.

Doubts concern mostly cost and ads’ effectiveness. Many people simply don’t know that AdWords is PPC (Pay per Click) system, you only pay if your ad is clicked. Campaign’s effectiveness depends on many factors, but you shouldn’t worry that users will ignore sponsored links and use only organic results shown below. If it really was the case Google would have resigned from this advertising system long time ago.  Meanwhile, Google is introducing new functionalities.

Business owners who are willing to invest in ads don’t always know where to start their adventure with AdWords. Interactive agencies try to meet up their needs and organise trainings and courses from AdWords (see our trainings offer) which make it possible for customers to set up and run their own campaigns. Simultaneously, agencies offer comprehensive services, starting from configuration of AdWords account to budget monitoring and costs management.

For those who see AdWords system as too complicated Google created its simplified version, that is Google AdWords Express.

Checking ad's effectivness

How does Google AdWords Express work?

Compared to standard Google AdWords, AdWords Express is much more simplified – elements concerning account setting and configuration in particular. User who wants to use AdWords Express need to  create a new account, choose company which is to be advertised and goal which is to be reached. Of course, budget setting is a must. All the rest is automatized.

Account configuration doesn’t take much time, which is one of the best advantages of Google AdWords Express. Still, lack of advanced tools can weaken AdWords effectiveness. It’s problematic that users can’t choose keywords. User isn’t also allowed to modify settings which could result in minimising cots per click and could improve its relevancy.

When it’s best to use Google AdWords Express?

Google AdWords Express isn’t a bad tool, quite the opposite – it can be really useful for success of some companies, but not definitely for all. Smaller companies, companies lacking funds for employing SEO agency or  start-ups can benefit from this simplified system. For such businesses Google AdWords Express can be an effective tool to manage promotional campaigns online.