How To React To Negative Comments About Your Company?

Everyone who runs business online should deal effectively with negative comments about their company. What are the best practises?

It’s impossible to fulfil everyone’s needs. Even if your website is functional and has a clear layout, your services are top quality and service is highly professional there’s always someone who isn’t satisfied. Such persons like to leave negative comments and in this way discourage prospective customers. How to deal with such situations?

Negative comments about your company shouldn’t be deleted

Your first thought – delete the comment. Unfortunately, it’s not the best solution, unless this comment is offensive or vulgar or simply unrelated. If you’re simply  deleting all negative comments it’s not a good strategy. Users can get an impression that you’re trying to prove that you’re innocent and in this way you can lose credibility. It happens when website administrators delete comments with delay when plenty of users  had time to see them.

It’s not worth it to delete negative comments because people who left them may be encouraged to dig into the topic. They can inform other users that administrators like to delete comments, leaves questions unanswered and are dishonest. One negative comment is nothing compared to what can happen if it’s deleted.

You should reply to negative comments

You should reply as fast as possible. Yet, keep in mind to cool down and count to ten before you do it. It’s not about attacking the commentator but about providing reasonable answer and confirming company image.

Thank for the opinion

When answering negative comments remember to treat users with respect. First of all, thank for the opinion. It’s good to mention that such negative opinion is valuable since shows what should be improved – what mistakes to be corrected.

Acknowledge criticism

It’s not always easy but you should accept criticism. It’s worth to try to understand buyer’s situation. Understanding is the key, only than you could apologise for the situation. If the situation happened not because of your fault, but for example because of the carrier, it’s best to express your sympathy.

Looking for solution

Sometimes negative comments about company result from unfortunate transactions which eventually were finalised. However, if the issue isn’t solved you should offer a solution. It’s best if such proceedings aren’t done publicly on forum but through private messages or during phone calls.

Positive and negative comments about company

Finally, let’s keep in mind that previously unsatisfied customer who left negative comment can be impressed by your reaction and become a loyal customer.