Search Engine Ads – Google AdWords Update

Running AdWords campaigns is next to web design and search engine optimisation one of the most popular services offered by SEO agencies. Google regularly introduces changes to AdWords, especially focusing on text ads displayed directly in SERPs.

AdWords is one of the quickest ways to make websites visible within search results. Online business owners are well aware of this and make use of AdWords possibilities. To meet advertisers’ needs Google constantly improves paid ads visibility in SERPs. Frequently introduced changes involve among others text ads structure, and specifically their length (of headlines and descriptions) and amount of space. Currently Google is testing next solutions.

Search engine ads - seeking proper solution

Google paid ads – expanded text ads

Older format of text ads was phased out in February 2017. It’s impossible now to add and edit old format text ads. Mountain View giant allows only for adding new expanded text ads.

Structure and length of text ads

Changes introduced by the end of 2016 were the biggest in the whole AdWords history. Before changes text ads contained  headline up to 25 characters and two lines of description, where each line couldn’t have more than 35 characters. After changes  headline gets more prominent with two lines and description becomes consolidated into a block of text. Each headline can have up to 30 characters and description text can have up to 80 characters, which is 1/3 more than before. Apart from that advertisers can make use of 15 characters in two relevant display URLs.

Ads for mobile devices

Another news is a possibility to create one text ad and use it both for desktops and mobile devices. Current formats are optimized for mobile devices. They show well on various screens with different sizes and resolutions.

Ads extensions – text messages

Ad extensions are there to attract, make ads more visible – more real estate draws more attention and as a result increase number of clicks. There are a few types of  ads extensions – each has a different function. One of the newest solution is click to text message extension, where users could connect with advertisers via SMS.

Search engine ads - efficiency analysis

Expanded text ads – testing solutions

Not much time has passed since Google introduced these changes and they are already working on new solutions. From the previous changes advertisers know that ads can have more length, even twice as much as before. Maximum up to 80 characters – this is the length of additional description below ad headline. It’s important to bear in mind that ad extensions will only appear if ad has a proper ad rank, determined by Google on a basis of different metrics.