Google AdWords New Version

Changes in Google AdWords have been planned for some time. Google has finally started introducing them.

AdWords dashboard is continuously updated, but not all users have access to the newest version. This situation will change by the end of 2017. Still,  not everyone is satisfied with the updates and new functionalities.

AdWords updates over the months

”Landing page” tab

In August Google introduces new AdWords tab ”landing page.” After clicking it users can see reports informing about given campaigns landing pages’ effectiveness.  Reports can be particularly useful if we want to analyze whether landing pages are suitable for mobile devices. CPC concerning mobile devices in search network is particularly interesting information. If CPC is relatively low it can mean that a given mobile website requires some changes.

Product report

Google AdWords changes concern also shopping campaigns. There are two new reports regarding this particular type of campaigns. First one informs about products’ condition. It shows the number of products that can be displayed, but also informs which ones are ready to be displayed, rejected or inactive. It can be found within ”Products” tab and then ”Product group.”

Second report regarding shopping campaigns informs how many times a given product listing ad is shown within top search results. This report isn’t shown automatically. To see it you need to modify columns and add the one named “Absolute top impression share.” This column shows the percentage of your shopping ad impressions that are shown in the most prominent shopping position.

New Google Adwords dashboard

Ads rotation settings

Ads rotation refers to the way ads are displayed in search and display network. Currently, there are four methods of ads rotation:

optimise for clicks;

– optimise for conversion;

– rotate evenly;

– rotate indefinitely.

Introduced changes limit the possible settings. There are only two options:

– optimise;

– rotate indefinitely.

First option favors ads which are the most effective.  Second option means that all ads are displayed evenly, the most successful with the least effective ones.