Social Media

Number of social media users is constantly growing – in spite of people who claim Facebook’s end. Companies have long known that social media presence is not a choice but a necessity.

In UK 90% of online users are active in social media. That’s a huge number! More often users are starting to interact with brands seeking their products and services on Facebook. This is the place where following other users’ recommendation shopping decisions are made. What does it mean to you?

Facebook is currently the fastest developing advertising channel on the Internet and its marketing and PR capabilities are increasing. Customers want to be in touch you. At different times during the night or day. If you want to meet their needs professional support is a must.

What are the advantages of professional Facebook fan page?

  • brand visibility
  • support and increase of sales
  • quick advertising channel and customer service
  • brand and products awareness
  • promotional activities support
  • valuable source of website traffic
  • source of market data and customer opinions
  • space allowing for networking
  • SEO support
  • tool for developing business partnership relations

What can we do for you??

We make your communication with customers on fan page interesting and engaging. We build your image and make it visible!

Strategy: we are well aware that every company has different story, philosophy and values. Thus, we create an individual strategy matching your image and goals.

Creation: we design graphics, text content and everything else you need for your fan page profile.

Advertisement: possibilities of targeting ads on Facebook are huge. We can direct posts at a specific target group (created in cooperation with you.) People that you want to find are already on Facebook – you just need to find them!

Reaction: we constantly monitor your fan page. No post or comment will disappear – time of reaction in social media is crucial. Customers value quick and dynamic communication.

Do you know that…

37% of the whole Earth population uses social media?

If you are interested in other social networking sites – write to us! For our clients we manage profiles on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Youtube.

How we work?

  • Facebook Ads Campaigns
    We provide support in preparing and managing Facebook Ads campaigns. We set the goal and develop perfect target. We prepare advertising posts and graphics and make sure that ads appear where you want them.
  • Campaign goal – what you want to achieve?
    Setting the goal is the first thing to do for each campaign. It can be event promotion, directing customers to the site, engaging customers in a given post or profile promotion on Facebook. Smart campaign can combine a few goals – for example promote interesting content on the website and at the same time draw attention of new fans.
  • Target – who do you want to reach?
    Even the best set goal is not enough if you don’t reach relevant groups. Who is your ideal customer? Is this a woman with a bunch of children or a businessman loving fast cars? Facebook has complex targeting options. Thanks to them your brand can reach the customers you care the most!
  • Creative work – copywriting and relevant graphics
    Do you know who and why you want to reach? Now it’s the time to … speak the right language! Text and graphics – two foundations of successful advertisement. Ads must touch emotions, invoke positive associations with the brand and call to action (for example to click on a link or like fan page.)
  • Optimisation and analysis, advertisement in practice
    Calculation and planning are important. Still you must remember that Facebook are … the people. Their preferences, desires and interests are sometimes very hard to grasp. That’s why working on the campaign doesn’t end at simple click on “Create.”Target group modification, graphics and text testing with regards to their attractiveness and finally gathering data from the finished campaigns allows for better ads adjustments in the future.