Video Marketing – Myths Debunked

Video marketing’s popularity is growing, yet some companies approach it with suspicion.

They are afraid because they simply don’t know where to start and don’t know video marketing’s benefits. Yet, video marketing has a huge advertising potential, you can see more here. Video marketing allows to reach expanded target groups – and it’s not true that it requires a lot of work and financing.

Video marketing – myths debunked

Video marketing is expensive

Of course it can be, but it doesn’t always have to. You can record videos yourself without any outside companies. Smartphones, which are practically every day use devices, allow for recording decent quality videos. For starters it’s enough. Only later there’s time to invest in professional equipment, cameras, lights or software. At the beginning it’s the content that’s important.

Making videos is complicated

It’s become customary that video marketing is complicated and time consuming. If we care about high quality, longer and engaging material than it’s natural it requires much more time and money. Yet, simple recording and editing aren’t really that much complex. During recording it’s enough to remember a few basic rules, and film editing in a simple software of well thought and prepared video won’t take much time.

Videos can’t be optimised

Certainly, they can’t be optimised to such an extent as ads’ texts, yet there are few things we can do with them. Optimisation is possible and it needs to be done. Every film has at least a title or adescription. These are where you can add keywords. You can read more here.

Videos aren’t limited to YouTube

YouTube is without a doubt the biggest and the most popular platform for uploading videos, but it’s not the only one. Films can be uploaded on fan pages, company websites or blogs. Videos  can diversify your content and draw users’ attention.

Video marketing - reach expanded target groups

Video marketing allows to show your company in a positive light, gains users trust and promote particular services and products. Video materials are very popular because they don’t require so much imagination and effort to understand them. Therefore, it’s best to forget about common myths circulating about video marketing and try to find solutions that can help your business grow today.