Sunday Trade Ban – A Chance for E-Commerce?

Previous Sunday was the first one in Poland where stores were closed. Sunday trade ban doesn’t involve e-commerce, but does it mean that customers from traditional stores will move to online stores?

Sunday trade ban has both followers and opponents. Some people think that closed stores can make Sundays more of  family time. Others think that Poles will still do the shopping on Sundays only in smaller stores, which can be opened or they will browse online stores.

Online stores can  take orders on Sundays and holidays

E-commerce isn’t passive and sees an opportunity in Sunday trade ban. With regards to this new regulation some of them start special campaigns saying “We’re open on Sunday” although nothing special is really happening – online stores have always been open 24/7. What’s more, – weekend is the time when more online purchases are made than in any other days in the week, Poles simply have time to browse and compare offers in online sores. Will this situation change now?

Sunday online shopping

Special Sunday offers in online stores

A lot of things can change since plenty of online stores introduce special promotions encouraging to shop on Sunday. They offer free delivery, discounts and lower prices for returning shoppers. Of course, offers have a time limit (Sunday). Many customers will be encouraged by these special offers and discounts in online stores. Such offers will be much better than offers and prices in traditional stores.

Hungary has the same situation. Their example shows that Sunday trade ban influences e-commerce development, especially food sector. After all, not everyone has a chance or time to do shopping during the weekdays, what’s more, there are always some products that we simply lack. If we can’t find products in our local stores we start looking online. It seems that online stores and supermarkets can develop and Poles shopping habits can change.

In the end, Hungary resigned from Sunday trade ban, yet they made the above mentioned observations regarding shopping habits changes.

Sunday trade ban and Polish e-commerce

Poland is about to face only second Sunday with closed stores so it’s too early to draw conclusions. It seems that Sunday trade ban is a huge chance for e-commerce stores, will they really use it? We will know in a few months when Poles will get used to introduced changes.