The most popular social media in 2018

Every year interactive agencies dealing with social media try to define new trends.

We’re no different here and social media trends were tackled before in the article (click). Some trends can be easily predicted by observing users’ actions online. Yet, it’s important to keep in mind that issues connected with social media are changeable and sometimes it’s difficult to know what will be popular in a given time. Social media leaders can change quickly, therefore none of the social media channels should stop improving user’s experience. Facebook – the most popular social media channel is about to learn that, since its competitors aren’t backing up.

Social media in USA

All changes connected with new technologies or online trends obviously come from the USA. Therefore, it’s worth a while to analyse statistics from overseas in order to predict how trends may evolve in other places in the world. Up until now the most popular social media in the USA have been Facebook and Instagram. Yet, in this year a significant change has been observed and it’s visible that Facebook is no longer the most popular platform. It’s been outstripped by the competitors, both Instagram and Snapchat, which are more and more often chosen by younger users. Twitter is still popular, especially if you’re interested in keeping up with the news. With all these observations it’s possible to say that Facebook is simply getting older and not attractive for younger users.

Social media in Poland

Studies in the USA are also relevant in case of other markets, like for example Poland. Although, Facebook is still the most popular social media channel visible drop in popularity has been observed. What’s more, target group is also changing, most of the people using Facebook are over 25. In case of people  aged 13-17 and 18-24 Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are kings. Global tendencies are easily visible here – young people are looking for alternatives and create accounts on other portals than Facebook. Adult users tend to stick with just one platform. Still, demographics doesn’t really change, women still dominate on social media channels.

The above studies have been conducted by NapoleonCat, social media research tool.

New generation

Statistics help us to predict possible ways of social media development and prospective younger users’ interests. Just by looking at Instagram’s pace of development it’s visible that young people like to communicate through photos and short messages. Yet, it’s not just image that wins among young users, it’s the combination of  — pictures, music or video clips, therefore both in the USA and Poland it’s You Tube that’s extremely popular. You Tube isn’t always taken into account in studies or polls hence it’s got various results and ranks.

If you’re thinking of investing in social media channels in order to promote your brand or organisation  and reach prospective customers it’s definitely a good idea to think of a You Tube channel and ads. Although, the competition is huge it’s enough to have an unusual idea in order to reach customers and engage them with your product. In the end, whatever we choose it’s certain that without proper social media marketing strategy it’s almost impossible to reach younger people’s interest.