Advertising on YouTube – Available Formats

YouTube has become even more popular than the most influential TV stations, and maybe even more? Many people quit watching TV because its content doesn’t meet their needs.

On You Tube you can view films, music videos, events broadcast, vlogs etc. You can search and view videos in every possible sequence, stop them or replay. TV stations don’t have these possibilities – viewers watch what’s currently on. Hence, there’s no surprise that You Tube has over billion users, who can watch ads as well. When it comes to TV commercials they appear during commercials breaks only. From obvious reasons they can’t be skipped or turned off, unless we change the channel. On You Tube we can skip most of the ads, although not at the start. Ads have few possible formats, among them we have text, graphic and video ads.

You Tube smartphone app

YouTube ads formats – review

You Tube text, graphic and display ads

Text and graphic ads in the display network appear on You Tube only if it’s selected as display place for AdWords ads. You Tube ads are shown in the same form as on any other Google network display sites. Campaigns can be directed at keywords, remarketing lists, interests, topics etc. Ads appear as banners visible above search results or as  in-stream videos. In-stream ads appear at the bottom of viewed film.

You Tube video ads

TrueView In-Stream

TrueView In-Stream is a very popular type of ads displayed at the beginning, end or in the middle of a given video.  Ads can be skipped after 5 second of watching. 5 seconds of watching doesn’t count as ads being displayed. In order for the ad to count as displayed it needs to be played at least for 30 seconds, and in case of shorter ads –  to the end or be clicked. Ads can’t be shorter than 12 seconds and longer that 3 minutes.

TrueView Discovery

TrueView Discovery seems to look as You Tube search results, as thumbnails of videos. It’s displayed in search results and on the right of currently viewed video (in suggested videos.) After clicking users are directed to advertised You Tube channel or watch promoted video. This kind of ads are frequently used by people and companies who want to promote their channels and gain more subscribers.

Bumper Ads

Bumper Ads are just 6 seconds videos which can be displayed at the beginning, end or in the middle of viewed video. You can’t skip this kind of ad – users have to watch it to the end. It’s not easy to include all relevant information in 6 second ad. Bumper ads can’t be clicked. Interested users aren’t therefore automatically directed to the channel or website. They need to seek further information on their own.

You Tube AdWords campaigns

YouTube ads not only about AdWords

Most of the above described ad formats can be created within AdWords. Apart from this, You Tube has a booking model where advertisers can book (purchase) place for their ads to be displayed. In this advertising model you can find both In-Stream ads or mastheads, that are customizable graphic 480×70 pixels ads (not available in AdWords.)

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