Is E-commerce Stores Promotion Difficult?

Generating high earnings through product and services online sales is a real goal, but to make newly opened e-commerce store profitable, first it needs to be effectively promoted.

Online store’s success depends on many factors. High quality of offered products and reasonable prices are essential. The store should definitely stand out from the competition – even if they offer the same range of products. Website’s appearance, proper product descriptions and efficient order’s execution all need to be taken care of. When on site actions are finished, promotion is the next step.

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Promotion of new e-commerce store – where to start?

Novice e-commerce store’s owner usually can’t afford paid ads campaigns. There is always time for them later, when business starts generating profit. Online store’s owner isn’t always a digital marketing specialist and doesn’t really know that there are many places online where you can promote free of charge or at only low costs. The only necessary things are creativity and … regularity.

  1. Be visible in social media

Social media and a website are a must for a company to be visible online. They allow live communication with customers and not only dry announcements. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are perfect places for creating brand awareness and making the distance between company and customer shorter. Social networking channels allow for publication of various types of content, short posts, videos but also links referring to given articles on blog or product on online store website. It’s only important to publish them regularly and make their content useful or simply interesting. Read more about methods of promotion here.

  1. Start running a blog

Running a blog isn’t really a difficult task and it has a lot of benefits. Each new post (new sub page) positively influences the way search engine bots perceive the website. Blogs can have various content. Some may present practical applications of offered products or a comparison of few similar items. Other may refer to technological novelties of given business or serve as guidelines offering expert advice. If the texts have similar content it’s easier to promote newly launched online store. If the topics are related the store can become an expert and trusted seller. In case of blog it’s also important to regularly publish new posts and answer the comments.

  1. Think of cooperation with recognizable brands/celebrities/specialists

Choose one at a time. Your partnership relations depend on your business specifics. Online store selling cosmetics can partner with celebrities or vloggers. Shoe store can cooperate with footwear producer or physiotherapist. The possibilities are endless and “borrowed trust” can build your own brand. Customers rely heavily on other people’s opinions and the more recognizable (and liked!) the people the better.

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Other ways of promoting your brand online

Above mentioned ideas of e-commerce store promotion are just a start. Marketing strategies depend on funding that is at owner’s disposal. It’s important whether the owner has time to intensify advertising campaigns or prefers to leave it to specialist. SEO agencies are a perfect solution for busy and digital marketing inexperienced owners. Especially when they want to have quick and (lasting) results. The most effective solution is to combine the above mentioned strategies with AdWords campaigns and organic optimisation.
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