Online Videos Grow in Popularity – Online Video Forecasts 2017 Report

Video marketing topic from the previous post can be expanded with Online Video Forecasts 2017 report from Zenith ROI agency.

The report presents longer viewing time spent online and increased expenses on this type of promotion. Why are online videos growing in popularity so quickly? This type of content shows information in easy and simple form that is both interesting and engaging. Besides, online videos can be viewed on fixed devices (desktops, TVs with Internet access) and mobile devices as well. Online videos popularity is also influenced by the fact that they can be easily uploaded to popular social media channels and include – live broadcasts.

Video marketing expenses grow

Online videos on international markets

Zenith, ROI agency has published another online video report. The report shows that online video viewing time will increase, by the end of 2017 by  20%. Users all over the world will spend 47,4 minutes a day watching online videos (Online Video Forecasts report includes average data covering 63 markets.) It’s worth to note that increased viewing time depends on increased number of mobile devices users. According to the forecasts time spent on watching videos on smartphones and tablets will increase by 35% in this year.

Online videos on the Polish market

How much time does an average Pole spend on watching online videos? It turns out it’s even up to 40 minutes, which is 14% more than the previous year. This time is similar to average data from other countries included in the report. The differences are between type of devices used for viewing. In Poland desktops are still prevailing – watching videos on desktops takes about 22 minutes a day, whereas on smartphones about 18 minutes.

Zenith predicts gradual decrease in viewing videos on desktops

In 2017 viewing videos from desktops will reach its peak. In the following years this time will be gradually reduced (small decreases by 1% in 2018 and 2% in 2019), with simultaneous growth of mobile devices viewing. The time spent on mobile devices in 2018 will increase by 25% and in 2019 by 29%.

Video ads on mobile devices


Increase of online video advertising expenses

It’s obvious that when online video viewing increases, so does the number of uploaded videos. This means increase of online video advertising expenses. According to data presented in the third edition of Online Video Forecasts report global online video advertising expenses will increase  by 23% in 2017. What’s interesting in Poland they will increase by 33%.

Although, mobile devices overtake fixed devices when it comes to online videos watching it’s desktops and laptops advertising that will note higher expenses. This results from the fact that video ads on smartphones tend to irritate users more, than on desktops. Desktop user has a larger screen and views videos in comfortable conditions, at work or at ease at home. Hence, it’s easier for desktop users to focus on videos – consequently ads are more effective and engaging.

This situation will gradually change in the following years – advertisers will focus on mobile ads and spend more on them. Number of mobile devices users is growing, and devices are becoming more and more advanced. It’s impossible not to take these changes into account when planning marketing strategy and promotion.

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